dglobalnews.com Taylor Swift expresses her shock over alleged groping incident
Published: Sat, August 12, 2017
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Taylor Swift expresses her shock over alleged groping incident

Taylor Swift expresses her shock over alleged groping incident

KYGO manager Robert Call, who fired Mueller two days after the alleged incident, said he fired the DJ because of his shifting accounts of the incident, and because the photo showed that Mueller's hand was "not where it was supposed to be".

Taylor Swift has testified in court to say she was groped by a DJ and that it was "very long" and "intentional".

Mueller has sued Swift, claiming he was falsely accused and lost his job.

Call said Swift's liaison to radio stations, Frank Bell, told him Swift's team was "outraged ... very upset" by what happened and was considering all options, including alerting the police. "I don't know him, but what he did was despicable", she told Mueller's attorney at one point. She said she saw nothing happen during the brief encounter and that she and Mueller were rudely confronted and escorted out of the arena that evening.

The Shake It Off and I Knew You Were Trouble singer, however, later complained and Mr Dent confronted Mr Mueller at the event. In the photo, Mueller's hand is around her derriere. "He sexually assaulted her". "He did not touch my arm, He did not touch my hand", Swift stated, "He grabbed my bare a**".

Taylor Swift testified on Thursday in the defamation trial over her claims that a Denver DJ groped her during a public appearance.

"Baldridge also repeatedly asked Mueller if he could grasp "any reason, incentive or motive" for Swift to make up the allegation or be involved in two years of litigation". He said he and the singer were trying to reach around one another and "our hands touched and our arms touched" during a photo opportunity he estimated lasted no more than 40 seconds.

"He grabbed my bare ass", Swift testified.

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Taylor Swift's mum made an emotional appearance in court, as she testified about the moment she learned the star had been groped backstage at a concert. She has sought a symbolic $1 judgment that holds Mueller responsible.

Taylor also said she couldn't have reported the alleged incident to anyone on her team at the time without her other fans - who were lining up to have their picture taken with the musician - overhearing her words.

Swift, who wore a short-sleeved floral print dress, was in combative form as she was questioned for around an hour, occasionally rebuking Mueller's attorney for his line of inquiry.

'It was a definite grab. He also says he "felt what seemed to be a rib cage or ribs" but emphatically denies groping her. While Swift insists that she did not force them to do so, the 55-year-old broadcaster believes that she pressured the station to fire him.

The case is being tried in federal court under a law allowing the proceeding when the parties live in separate states and the dispute involves a damages claim higher than £58,000.

Taylor Swift is now in the midst of a sexual assault trial against former radio host David Mueller-and as uncomfortable as the topic may be, the singer's testimony offers a very necessary reminder for everyone.

Swift was 23 at the time.

Mueller sued Taylor Swift for at least $3 million, saying she cost him his job and reputation. "But in the larger discussion about sexual assault, as we've seen, justice can be selective".

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