dglobalnews.com UN Slams 'Widespread and Systematic Use of Excessive Force' in Venezuela
Published: Thu, August 10, 2017
Global Media | By Cecelia Webb

UN Slams 'Widespread and Systematic Use of Excessive Force' in Venezuela

UN Slams 'Widespread and Systematic Use of Excessive Force' in Venezuela

The assembly was expected to gather at the legislative palace in Caracas for the first time since voting Saturday to remove the nation's outspoken chief prosecutor, a move that drew condemnation from numerous same regional government that are sending representatives to the meeting in Peru's capital.

The meeting in Lima came as the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of our America (ALBA), which includes Venezuela's leftist allies in Latin America including Nicaragua, Bolivia, Ecuador and Cuba, expressed support for Maduro in a meeting in Caracas.

A statement signed by the 12 nations also condemned Venezuela for not allowing foreign donations of food and medicine and for the systematic violations of human rights. The protests have been 125 deaths in four months.

The United States and other nations slapped sanctions on Maduro and other government officials after the vote.

After the failure of the Organization of American States (OAS) to reach agreement on the Venezuelan crisis, the vast majority of countries in the region that denounce the Venezuelan situation have opted for other diplomatic channels, such as the suspension of Venezuela from Mercosur and now the formation of an independent pact.

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has warned it "can't be excluded" that relations with Venezuela could be cut.

Deaf to these warnings, the government was pursuing the takeover of the institutions.

They said they would not recognize the Constituent Assembly.

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Its 545 members, all chavistes, voted Tuesday in support of the army, in the central part of the political spectrum of venezuela and the main pillar of power.

President Donald Trump's administration announced last week that it was freezing any US assets Maduro might possess and barring any American from doing business with him in response to the July 30 election for delegates to the constitutional assembly.

Summoned by Peruvian president, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, one of Maduro's most hardline critics, the meeting was held at the Foreign Ministry, and was chaired by Luna, although the Head of State did join the meeting in its final minutes. After the failure of talks with the opposition a year ago, the government established a commission in the executive branch to investigate violence after a 2002 coup attempt.

Separately, only a few dozen demonstrators heeded the opposition's call to set up traffic-snarling roadblocks Tuesday in Caracas to show their opposition to the new assembly.

A certain discouragement seemed to win the ranks of the anti-Maduro, after the installation of the Constituent assembly that they have not managed to block.

Ortega has called the Constituent Assembly's election illegal, and said she would continue to be attorney general.

The opposition, which sees in this assembly as a tactic of Maduro to extend his term beyond 2019, and to establish a "communist dictatorship", fears a "witch-hunt".

The government-packed high court sentenced Ramon Muchacho to 15 months in prison for not following an order to remove barricades set up in the leafy Chacao district of eastern Caracas where the Emory University MBA graduate has been mayor since 2013. His post about supporting the man Washington has defined as a dictator who harms his own people was criticized by former Argentina soccer star Mario Kempes.

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