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Published: Mon, August 07, 2017
Tech | By Arthur Brown

LG V30 will have 6-inch OLED screen with curved edges

LG V30 will have 6-inch OLED screen with curved edges

Earlier this year, a rumor had claimed that LG will finally be making the switch to OLED this year with the V30.

LG V30 will be the first 6-inch phone from LG. The device screen will be the company's largest panel in four years, but the V30's display will actually be smaller compared to its predecessor, the V20.

In spite of that, LG made it known that the OLED FullVision display technology is based on P-OLED or plastic OLED. It's really a nice combo of the G6 and the Galaxy S8's more prominent curved edges. More than likely, the LG V30 that's set to be announced at IFA in Berlin at the end of this month.

The last time it used an OLED panel for its device was in the LG Flex 2 back in 2015.

This display will also show 148% of the sRGB color space for digital photographs which is indeed a good thing.

The latest display marks an update from the 18:9 ratio Full Vision display that was adopted by the G6 smartphone, which boasted a almost bezel-less design. However, the body of the phone will be much smaller than the LG V20, even with the bigger screen, due to having smaller bezels.

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LG is also dropping hints that the V30's screen might be curved...

LG V30 is slated to go on pre-order on September 17 and is expected to hit stores in U.S. on September 28.

This "marks a move by LG to extend its OLED leadership from the premium TV sector into the premium smartphone space".

Similar to the G6, the V30 will undoubtedly provide support for wireless charging and a Quad-DAC but this time, the company should include both additions, irrespective of what region it is going to be sold in. What's more, the display is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 5 that incorporates shatter-resistant technology. At this time, the informants noted that the display module will form a modern platform P-OLED, the hallmark of which is a thin plastic substrate instead of a thick glass.

According to Android Authority, LG is planning on boosting the multimedia experience on the V30 smartphone yet again.

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