dglobalnews.com See solar eclipse path maps by NASA, National Weather Service, Washington Post
Published: Wed, August 02, 2017
Global Media | By Cecelia Webb

See solar eclipse path maps by NASA, National Weather Service, Washington Post

See solar eclipse path maps by NASA, National Weather Service, Washington Post

But knowing the why, when and where you're going to watch the eclipse is not enough.

The total solar eclipse sweeping across the continental United States is a rare sight, but how rare?

How do you watch the eclipse? The lunar shadow, which is when the moon partially blocks the sun, will occur on the West Coast at 10:05 a.m. MDT, and will end on the East Coast at 2:09 MDT.

The umbra (dark inner shadow) of the moon will be traveling from west to east from nearly 3,000 miles per hour (in western Oregon) to 1,500 miles per hour in SC.

If you can't get your hands on glasses approved by NASA, it's better to just skip the sunny stare-down and opt for a more DIY eclipse-viewing plan.

On his website, Espenak gives detailed tips for using a DSLR camera to photograph the eclipse. Studying the corona is critical in understanding solar flares and storms, which create lovely phenomena like the Northern Lights but can also disrupt satellite communications.

An estimated two-thirds of the United States population lives within one day's drive of the path of the eclipse and the event is being widely used to try to attract tourists.

There are myths and sayings about eclipses causing weird events and changes in behavior, but what about for animals?

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How many people will experience totality? The GLOBE Observer app is free, easy to use, and will guide the user through data collection. "The birds will roost, the temperature will drop, and the air will get still", Krepps detailed. But, if you're ready to travel (and, in some cases, have planned way ahead) Union and Rabun counties are in the path of totality. "They'll be curious, they'll have questions, and we'll be able to help them understand what they are seeing".

We all want to see the eclipse, but we also all want to be safe while doing it.

"At the planes' cruising altitude of 50,000 feet, the sky is 20-30 times darker than as seen from the ground, and there is much less atmospheric turbulence, allowing fine structures and motions in the sun's corona to be visible", NASA officials said in the statement. That's right around when many area schools would be letting out. Make sure they're certified ISO 12312-2 - it will say so on the glasses - as according to NASA that is the worldwide standard for solar viewing. This eclipse will also be visible from Europe, Australia, Africa, South-East America, Antarctica, Asia.

" You can build a pinhole camera - which lets you look at the eclipse indirectly - or install a solar filter on your telescope".

" Have some common sense".

Solar Retinopathy is the name for damage to the back part of the eye, or "retina" by looking at the Sun.

This is an opportunity for southeast Missouri residents living outside the "path of totality" to learn about the eclipse and how to prepare for their visits to locations within the path, Hill said.

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