dglobalnews.com Pence Pledges US?Will Support Baltics In Face Of Russian Aggression
Published: Tue, August 01, 2017
Tech | By Arthur Brown

Pence Pledges US?Will Support Baltics In Face Of Russian Aggression

Pence Pledges US?Will Support Baltics In Face Of Russian Aggression

The tableau of Pence and the three Baltic leaders also underscores one of the themes of his three-and-a-half-day trip to Estonia, Georgia and Montenegro: That the United States is standing - literally - with its Eastern European allies now feeling increased pressure from Russian Federation.

The vice president said right now Russian Federation is the biggest threat to the region with Moscow seeking to redraw worldwide borders, and put European nations against each other.

"Our message to the Baltic states - my message when we visit Georgia and Montenegro - will be the same: To our allies here in Eastern Europe, we are with you, we stand with you on behalf of freedoms", Pence said in an interview with Fox News.

"No threat looms larger in the Baltic states than the spectre of aggression from your unpredictable neighbour to the east", Pence said in a speech in front of the leaders of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

The expulsion came after the US Congress approved new sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea.

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence arrived in Estonia yesterday and was due to hold discussions in Tallinn today with the presidents of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

"We talked about the upcoming (Russian military) maneuvers near the Estonian border. and how Estonia, the United States and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation should monitor them and exchange information", Ratas said.

From Georgia Mr Pence will fly to Montenegro, which became Nato's 29th member in June, eight months after an alleged coup attempt that prosecutors claim was masterminded by Russian agents.

Taliban militants capture Taywara HQs in Afghanistan
Taywara and Kohistan were overrun by the Taliban after days of clashes with security forces . Raziq said the insurgents released 30 of the hostages and were still holding 30 others.

But he re-committed the USA to it during a Washington press conference in June, and more symbolically at a speech in Poland in early July.

"We believe China should do more", Pence said.

President Donald Trump campaigned heavily on the message of "America first", which has influenced his politics after moving into the Oval Office.

Local media reported that Ratas also planned to discuss with Pence the issue of bringing anti-aircraft missiles to Estonia.

However, in terms of general relations, he added: "We have waited long enough, hoping that the situation would perhaps change for the better".

The American armored convoy made stops in Kutaisi, Zestafoni, Khashuri, Gori and Tbilisi where locals met with the state flags of Georgia and the United States.

Russian Federation has told the US it must cut staff at its embassy and other facilities in Russian Federation by 755 people by Sept 1 in retaliation for a new sanctions law passed by the US Congress last week, President Vladimir Putin said on Sunday.

Russian Federation has also said it is seizing holiday properties and a warehouse used by U.S. diplomats. "I think he has also said it could have been other actors as well".

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