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Published: Wed, July 26, 2017
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Last Orca Born in SeaWorld Captivity Dies

Last Orca Born in SeaWorld Captivity Dies

Kyara was to be the last orca born in captivity at a SeaWorld park.

The last orca to be born in captivity at SeaWorld died Monday after just three months of life, the company announced.

In a series of afternoon tweets, SeaWorld said: "We are extremely saddened to announce the passing of Kyara, our newest killer whale calf". Veterinarians and SeaWorld staff spent three days giving Kyara critical care, but officials said her health continued to decline.

Kyara, a 3-month-old calf, was born at the San Antonio park in April and faced progressive health issues not caused by being in captivity, according to the park. "In addition to monitoring her 24/7, the expert veterinary staff was treating her with antimicrobials, including antibiotics, for any infections she was fighting". She had been under 24-hour watch and was hand-fed to enhance her nutrition.

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It was also the end of an era - marking the last captive birth as part of the company's breeding program, which it formally shuttered last March after significant backlash from animal rights activists.

It plans to phase out its reputed live orca performances by 2019, especially after scrutiny was intensified by the 2013 documentary "Blackfish".

Peta said Cromwell, armed with a megaphone, had led a group of its supporters in a "takeover" of Seaworld's orca show, declaring: "My friends at PETA and I want SeaWorld to move these intelligent animals to seaside sanctuaries without delay".

Tilikum, which sired 14 calves over almost 25 years in Orlando, died of bacterial pneumonia in January.

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