dglobalnews.com Transcript of 911 call in fatal police shooting in Minneapolis is released
Published: Sat, July 22, 2017
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Transcript of 911 call in fatal police shooting in Minneapolis is released

Transcript of 911 call in fatal police shooting in Minneapolis is released

Damond, whose legal last name was Ruszczyk but went by the last name of her fiancee, was fatally shot in the abdomen by police officer Mohamed Noor on July 15.

The city's most senior police officer would not guarantee Officer Noor would be stripped of his badge, but said she had assured Ms Damond's family that justice would served.

She'd ventured into an alley behind her home after calling 911 to report a suspected sexual assault.

The audio was provided to CNN by the operator of Minnesota PoliceClips, a company that monitors and records police radio dispatches.

"I have felt completely safe in my new neighborhood as a white woman, as a mother, a wife and a citizen in this city", she continued.

"I think she just yelled out 'help, ' but it's hard the sound has been going on for a while, but I think, I don't think she's enjoying it". "And it sounds distressed".

Caller: And there's a (inaudible) out the back, yup, yup.

Minutes later, Justine Damond lay dying in her Minneapolis neighborhood, shot in the abdomen by one of the responding officers when she approached their squad auto. "My expectation is that our policy is followed, and based on the information the BCA released and without additional information as to why the body cameras weren't on, it is my belief the body cameras should have been activated", she said.

Harteau has been out of town since Saturday's shooting, but returned to work on Thursday.

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"He has a story to tell that no one else can tell", Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges said in a news conference Tuesday. And everyone shares the same questions.

'The fatal shooting of Justine Damond should not have happened. The shooting is being investigated by state authorities, who have yet to officially identify officers or give a narrative of what happened.

The transcripts were released as Minnesota investigators continued to search for a potential witness spotted near the scene of the shooting, hoping he may shed light on the shooting.

The source said that Noor had his gun on his lap at the time, and that the bicyclist stopped and filmed the aftermath of the shooting. Noor has declined to be interviewed. The officers did not have their body cameras turned on at the time, despite this being usual protocol. "Both officers have been placed on standard administrative leave".

Harteau addressed doubts that Noor was not prepared to be a police officer, saying the Somali-American "absolutely" performed well during training. Earlier this week, Ruszczyk's friends and neighbors gathered near her home.

In an interview with Australia's Channel Nine, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull today expressed shock. I would think that police training would discourage this kind of weapons discharge, but perhaps members of law enforcement among our readers can comment more knowledgeably than I can about this detail. The officers then tried to save her, without success.

In contrast, Officer Jeronimo Yanez in the nearby suburb of St. Anthony sat down with state agents last summer the day after he shot Castile.

"I can not imagine the impact this has had on Justine's family", the police chief said. He says a review of the program includes focusing on how often officers activate them, and he says the department wants to increase that frequency. "We're also going to enhance the policy", Harteau said. Ruszczyk's fiance, Don Damond, has confirmed that he's contacted a lawyer.

Damond, 40, a spiritual healer and life coach who was due to be married in August, was shot by Officer Mohamed Noor.

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