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Published: Thu, July 13, 2017
Research | By Kayla Price

KFC and Huawei Made a Phone (No, Seriously)

KFC and Huawei Made a Phone (No, Seriously)

It may seem a bit unusual that Huawei would put out a KFC-branded phone at all, but especially in China, given that KFC is a US brand.

While the items online now are all limited edition, the brand also noted that they're planning further product rollouts and collaborations in the future.

Huawei's seemingly turned the concept of luxury brand tie-ins on its head with a limited edition run of KFC-branded commemorative phones.

There will be just 5,000 units of the limited edition phone sold, each of which will cost 1,099 yuan - that's £125 in the United Kingdom, $160 in the US, and €140 in Europe.

Kentucky Fried Chicken is going from chicken to smartphones to celebrate its 30th anniversary of operating in China. However, the fast food chain is hugely popular in China, and it's the largest restaurant chain in the country thousands of locations. It features a 5.5-inch screen with a 720p resolution and runs on a Snapdragon 435 chip.

KFC and Huawei Made a Phone (No, Seriously)

Specs and price are unclear at the moment, and the phone doesn't appear to directly match any Huawei phone we know. The model is limited to 5000 units, and is a bright red variant of the Huawei Y7 complete with a portrait of the Colonel etched into the back.

An application, called K-Music is also pre-installed and it's really cool because it allows users to choose the song they want to listen in any of China's 4.000 KFC restaurants.

KFC has consistently been the undisputed champion of fast food in the Middle Kingdom. This isn't the first time KFC has gone high-tech to hold onto its customer base in China.

Shenzhen telecommunications company Huawei was also founded in 1987.

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