dglobalnews.com In Warsaw Speech, Trump Vows to Fight Terrorism, Back NATO Allies
Published: Fri, July 07, 2017
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In Warsaw Speech, Trump Vows to Fight Terrorism, Back NATO Allies

In Warsaw Speech, Trump Vows to Fight Terrorism, Back NATO Allies

It's also notable that Trump chose to make his call "to preserve our civilization in the face of those who would subvert and destroy it" on the same day he once again rejected the consensus of Western intelligence agencies by saying "nobody really knows" if Russian Federation interfered in the 2016 election-that is, whether an Eastern dictatorship tried to undermine the democratic election of the Western world's most powerful leader.

President Trump cast himself as a defender of Western values in a clash of civilisations during a dark and confrontational speech in Warsaw on Thursday, rebuking the news media, American intelligence agencies and Barack Obama during his visit to the European capital most hospitable to his right-wing nationalist message.

The authorities said they did not expect any major protests against Trump on Thursday, though there were some small-scale demonstrations planned by a marginal opposition party.

Donald Trump's policy failures on the worldwide front have nearly been overshadowed by his repeated handshake mistakes.

Energy Secretary Rick Perry went so far last week as to say the USA could make up for the animosity generated by exiting the Paris Agreement by providing cheap natural gas to other countries. He said he would defend Western values against the threat that they faced from terrorism, that the USA would adhere to Article 5, which commits members of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation to defend each other from attack, and he condemned Russian efforts to destabilize other countries. "We make the best technology, and we make the best, best technology for fighter jets and ships and equipment, military weapons", Trump said.

ICE Chief Might've Contradicted Trump On Immigrant Crime
An illegal immigrant from Honduras, Edwin Mejia, is wanted for motor vehicle homicide in the case, according to U.S. Twenty-four House Democrats voted for the measure named after Steinle, as Trump praised passage of these bills.

President Jimmy Carter also visited the monument in 1977, while Richard M. Nixon visited in 1959 while he was vice president, though he does not appear to have revisited the site during a presidential visit in 1972.

"We're here at this historic gathering to launch a new future for open, fair, and affordable energy markets that bring greater security and prosperity to all of our citizens". The President must begin by standing for the most basic democratic values.

But Trump's welcome of Lech Walesa, the legendary hero of the Solidarity movement that shook communist rule in the 1980s, drew boos from the crowd, underlining deep divisions in Polish society over the country's recent history and values.

Trump ended his answer to that line of questioning by saying, "What we want to see in the United States is honest, beautiful, free, but honest press". Trump asked Polish President Andrzej Duda.

Trump arrives in Warsaw on Wednesday night.

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