dglobalnews.com People's Day in BC: Thursday June 29 '17
Published: Wed, June 28, 2017
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People's Day in BC: Thursday June 29 '17

People's Day in BC: Thursday June 29 '17

Clark said it is her responsibility as the incumbent, and the leader with the most seats, to be prepared to govern if the B.C. Liberals survive a confidence vote on their throne speech.

"Let's avoid the risk of an election, let's make sure that we pass the Throne Speech, one that again was sincerely meant to garner the support of members across ideological lines in this House", she said.

Horgan worked out a deal with Weaver after the May 9 election to vote down the upcoming B.C. Liberal throne speech and support an NDP government on key votes.

Last month's contentious election saw the Liberals win 43 seats, one seat short of a majority, but the combined seat totals of the NDP, with 41 seats, and the Greens, with three seats, gives them 44 seats in the 87-seat legislature.

"It goes to show that even though the Green Party is saying they want to work with everybody in the house, they want a stable government and don't want an election, that's what they're working towards".

"The challenge with the NDP promises is that they're very vague", Redies told Peace Arch News.

She might begin by voting in favour of the 30 or so pledges made in her throne speech; commitments borrowed from the Greens and the NDP including such measures as proportional representation, childcare, a multitude of social justice measures, raising the carbon tax and a ban on corporate donations.

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But while both bills tabled Monday were created to appeal to the opposition alliance, neither party is willing to divert from its focus on forcing a confidence vote to bring down the government.

So it's no wonder that conservatives like ex-BC Liberal finance minister Kevin Falcon were too shocked to even respond to the throne speech.

He stood up and urged Premier Christy Clark to hold the confidence vote Monday afternoon. "Only (the government) controls the timing of the confidence vote", he (Weaver) continued. "They cut services and increased costs for virtually every B.C. family", Horgan said in a statement. The long-time NDP member tried to deliver the final blow to Premier Christy Clark's government.

"The Premier has been clear that she wants to test the confidence of the House, and that should be the first priority when the House reconvenes". That vote is now expected at the end of the sitting day on Thursday. Letting those two bills proceed past a first reading would have been a way to say to the public that they don't care where good legislation comes from, as long as it is good legislation.

The two opposition parties have agreed to defeat the Liberals and attempt to form a minority NDP government.

"I think we have a much better likelihood of being able to deliver those units faster", Redies said. "Lets get on with the business of government, lets make sure the throne speech gains the confidence of this House ... and we'll make sure we can continue with the strongest economy anywhere in Canada".

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