dglobalnews.com US court hears challenge on Texas law to punish 'sanctuary cities'
Published: Tue, June 27, 2017
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US court hears challenge on Texas law to punish 'sanctuary cities'

US court hears challenge on Texas law to punish 'sanctuary cities'

In April, Sessions blamed lax immigration enforcement for a crime spike in so-called sanctuary cities, which frustrated law enforcement officials in such cities as NY.

The rally brought together groups from San Antonio, Austin, Houston, Dallas, as well as from smaller communities, including groups like MOVE San Antonio, RAICES, Workers Defense Project, American Civil Liberties Union of Texas, San Antonio Alliance of Teachers, United Here, Texas Organizing Project, Pax Christi, La Union del Pueblo Entero, and more. The largest city in Texas on Wednesday added its name to the list of cities opposing the law, saying it violated the guarantees of free speech and equal protection under the Constitution. The law also allows state and local law enforcement to ask about the immigration status of individuals they have arrested or detained.

The participation by President Trump's Department of Justice in today's court hearing shows that Senate Bill 4 is not about taking on the federal immigration role, but only to partner with them to keep those who commit risky crimes off the streets. "Texas has admirably followed his lead by mandating state-wide cooperation with federal immigration laws that require the removal of illegal aliens who have committed crimes".

The four Texas cities - all of which are among the top 15 in the nation in population - accuse the Republican-controlled Texas Legislature of passing a law that is unconstitutional, vague and would have a chilling effect on immigrant communities.

Police chiefs of the state's biggest cities have come out against SB 4. Republican Gov. Greg Abbott says only lawbreakers have anything to worry about.

"This is a very important and significant case, not only for Texas but also for the entire country", he said.

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On Monday, they will urge U.S. District Court Judge Orlando Garcia in San Antonio to block the law from taking effect September 1.

SB4 requires local law enforcement to comply with Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detainers, which are requests to hold someone in jail while their immigration status is investigated.

Trump campaigned against sanctuary cities and on January 25 issued an executive order to punish them.

The department filed a statement of interest on Friday with the federal district court in San Antonio that is handling the suit, indicating that it will be involved in the lawsuit going forward.

In April, a federal judge in San Francisco temporarily halted that order after the city and Santa Clara County filed a lawsuit and the Trump administration acknowledged that its crackdown was far narrower than the president and his aides had indicated.

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