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Published: Tue, June 20, 2017
Sports | By Jeannette Edwards

Celtics Back In On Jimmy Butler?

Celtics Back In On Jimmy Butler?

Think of it this way: If you polled a bunch of Celtics fans week ago asking if they'd trade the first overall pick as part of a package including Crowder for Butler, nobody would say it. Trading the No. 1 pick to Philadelphia for the No. 3 selection caused more than a few ripples leaguewide, as the Celtics acquired more future assets in the form of draft picks.

In a tweet sent out by ESPN's Marc Stein late Monday afternoon, the report states that the Cleveland Cavaliers are working to acquire Chicago Bull's all-star Jimmy Butler.

"The worst case scenario is they find themselves in a position to draft somebody like a Josh Jackson out of Kansas".

Yeah, we were ready for all the craziness of the National Basketball Association offseason, but not many people expected to be swimming through some Cavaliers-Jimmy Butler talk.

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The more assets the Celtics have, the more assets the Bulls would ask for in a potential deal. But what, now that the Celtics have picked up what could be the 12th pick in the 2019 draft in order to move down two spots, they should suddenly be OK with moving their top pick for Butler? Johnson adds that the Suns could be the third team in a Chicago-Cleveland trade for Butler.

While he may have an uneasy relationship with management and would prefer to be moved, the Bulls won't make a trade unless they get a big haul for him.

So the Bulls must be very careful as to how they proceed for the rest of the week, if they're at all bothered by the noise.

Whether the Bulls stay calm or idle, it can appear to look the same way but they know there's a possibility the phone may ring in the next four days.

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