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Published: Mon, June 12, 2017
Culture&Arts | By Orlando Mckenzie

'Wonder Woman' getting money ... and attention, too

Wonder Woman came to print in 1941 for the objective of fighting for "America, the last citadel of democracy, and of equal rights for women!"

After hopes were high that Wonder Woman and its $103.3 million domestic opening would reinvigorate a so far sad summer movie schedule, we are back to a reality that has plagued us all season long - poorly made films that audiences haven't wanted.

The Windsor, Ont., writer is one of the few women to helm a Wonder Woman series for DC Comics, and was among a select group of insiders invited to the star-studded film premiere in Hollywood last month.

The "real women who fought" for such rights, who were Wonder Woman creator William Moulton Marston's inspiration, are owed "a debt that this movie does not pay", Lepore writes. Good for them, though it was much needed. Taghmaoui said "I'm really blessed to had a chance to work with these wonderful director.!" One of the nice surprises in the performance of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman is her ability to remind us that innocence is not ignorance and idealism does not have to devolve into world-weariness. Sure, every body is different but you'd think after training for her whole life she'd look less like a Victoria's Secret model and more like a boxing champion. In fact, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige and DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns came together to honor Donner and even discuss how Superman remains the godfather of all superhero films. The teacher noted just some of the best Wonder Woman related incidents that happened in her class within a week of the film being released.

'Wonder Woman' Contains The Single Greatest Moment In Superhero Film History
Because of her complete immersion into the Goddess of Truth, I wouldn't even bat an eye if Gadot lifted a vehicle in real life. Warner Bros . latest film in the DC Cinematic Universe could be the beginning of a brand new franchise.

Frankly, I was loath to see the movie shift from the idyllic island of Themyscira, with its invisible shroud of protection and robust tribe of Amazons, to the dank, dark streets of London; however, once Diana rescues the downed World War I pilot, and the Amazons vanquish the Germans chasing him, her goal is clear.

Victims stepping up for destruction this weekend include the bad idea (and expensive to make) Mummy reboot, the Tom Cruise action flick (can we really say horror film?) that struggled badly this weekend.

Meredith Finch credits big-screen adaptations with helping the comics reach new audiences, and that in turn can help diversify both film and comic book characters, creators and storylines.

"I liked how they showed all the Amazons as strong women, protectors, and just fearless", Franklin said at the AMC theater in Methuen.

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