dglobalnews.com Trump unveils plan to upgrade air traffic control system
Published: Thu, June 08, 2017
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Trump unveils plan to upgrade air traffic control system

He went on to say we have a broken system that doesn't work, but that privatizing air traffic control would increase safety while reducing wait times and would allow passengers to arrive at their destinations on time, Brietbart reported.

"I remain entirely opposed to privatizing air traffic control", Moran said Monday in an interview just hours after Trump unveiled one of the signature elements of his plan to revamp US infrastructure.

Currently, air traffic control is handled by the FAA's more than 13,000 licensed controllers, who are located across the United States at regional control centers.

Opponents, including Delta Air Lines, say the US system is so large that privatization would not save money, and would drive up ticket costs and could create a national security risk.

The idea of privatizing air-traffic control has been floated since the 1990s - Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush at times supported the concept - without success.

"It is unfathomable to consider gambling with the future and safety of our air traffic control system by putting it into the hands of an organization that diminishes the voice of the American citizens who will be most affected by it. So that's another point that has to be looked at: How would they regulate the funding for this from the standpoint of not making the fees so onerous that it damages the aviation system?"

Iridium has a joint venture that has partnered with air traffic control authorities in Canada, Italy, Ireland and Denmark to provide air traffic surveillance, in cooperation with Harris.

The more remarkable feat is how many in the industry agree on the basics: The airline trade group supports a spinoff, and previous year so did the air-traffic controller's union, which said it will evaluate the specifics of any bill.

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"I first spoke to President Trump back in 2014 about the need for reform, and I'm glad to be working on it with him in 2017", Shuster said. The new entity would be governed by a board of directors, including representatives for airlines, unions, airports and others.

Declaring the current system "stuck painfully in the past", Trump called for separating air traffic control operations from the Federal Aviation Administration, an approach that USA airlines have long championed. "As the air traffic debate continues, we are also concerned about the impact of these proposed reforms on general aviation based on what we have seen in other countries".

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Shuster, chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, disagrees. "The current publicly operated system - the safest in the world - needs more public investment, not private control".

But winning congressional approval could prove hard. Sen.

"It's a very antiquated system using technology from the '50s and '60s", Shuster said in a conference call with reporters.

Airlines in the USA have campaigned to separate the FAA. and ATC for two decades, but the proposal still has to pass muster with Democrats.

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