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Published: Mon, June 05, 2017
Culture&Arts | By Orlando Mckenzie

'Wonder Woman' Contains The Single Greatest Moment In Superhero Film History

Warner Bros. latest film in the DC Cinematic Universe could be the beginning of a brand new franchise.

How fitting is it that those two films helped lead the way for what comic book movies are like now in this decade?

Anticipation for the first female-focused superhero movie to hit the multiplex in years (and we're still trying to forget past efforts like "Elektra" and "Catwoman") may be enough for the movie, starring Gal Gadot as the iconic DC Comics superhero, to soar past projections. However, director Patty Jenkins had to make sure that one of Wonder Woman's most praised sequences actually made it into the film itself.

Wonder Woman is available now in theaters everywhere. In the film, Gadot never seems to be acting, and that's because she believes in the character. The film is directed by Patty Jenkins (Monster), who becomes the first female director to helm a summer tentpole superhero film.

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"Wonder Woman really surprised me". But it's her romantic arc with Trevor, steely belief in the good of humans and unwavering righteousness that all add up to make a wholesome good-versus-evil film that's surely bound for success.

If "Wonder Woman" does indeed put DC back on the right path (and judging by initial reviews, it does that in spades), then Warner Bros. and DC can get to work on the rest of the series, many of which will have fans salivating. Because of her complete immersion into the Goddess of Truth, I wouldn't even bat an eye if Gadot lifted a vehicle in real life. Though Gal Gadot previously debuted as Wonder Woman on the big screen in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as a supporting character, the box office numbers for this opening weekend might prove the character can stand on her own. Armed with her bracelets, sword and magic lasso, Diana heads off into the real world with Steve where her eyes are opened to powers she didn't know she possessed.

Keri Russell voiced Wonder Woman in the 2009 DC Universe animated film of the same name, in which she battled Ares, the God of War (played by Feud star Alfred Molina).

"Wonder Woman loves all and has no dark sides in her character".

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