dglobalnews.com Neill Blomkamp releases first trailer for 'Oats Studios' experimental shorts
Published: Sat, June 03, 2017
Tech | By Arthur Brown

Neill Blomkamp releases first trailer for 'Oats Studios' experimental shorts

Neill Blomkamp releases first trailer for 'Oats Studios' experimental shorts

He first rose to prominence with a series of impressive short films like Alive in Joburg, which served as the inspiration for the blockbuster District 9 (which earned four Academy Award nomination). Blomkamp's short films-about an invasion of reptilian aliens-should make an excellent addition. He speculates that the second volume might available for paid streaming, with the potential for one or more shorts to be expanded into a feature film for theaters.

Director, producer, and screenwriter Neill Blomkamp (District 9, Elysium, Chappie) has a new venture, Oats Studios, that's aiming to release short experimental films on platforms like YouTube and Steam. And after reports that Blomkamp's Alien sequel was going to be scrapped, many wondered whether the once-visionary director could salvage his career.

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The Oats Studios' "Volume 1" trailer, then, should be familiar fare for Blomkamp's fans. "We were humanity. They came here to exterminate us". "Adapt or die. Simple as that", the narrator ends. Oh, and isn't that Sigourney Weaver tucked away in there?

The cryptic trailer opens with a shot of a dilapidated Eiffel Tower, as a voiceover says, "We were once mankind". At any rate, the short film appears to depict an alternate 20th century history where humans wage war against a race of lizard-like alien invaders; "Alternate Vietnam war timelines are coming", was how Blomkamp described it on Twitter earlier in May. Check out the first look trailer below! Most importantly, check out this very cool teaser trailer and let us know what you think!

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