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Published: Thu, May 25, 2017
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Rashad Jennings Is Your New 'Dancing With The Stars' Champion

You'll find out here.

Sometimes the most obvious choice is the best one. And in the second round, all three couples performed freestyle dancing and all scored 40/40.

No offense to "Dancing with the Stars" or ABC, of course. I don't know why they do these dances, since do they really play a part in determining the victor?

Next up, Jennings will be joining the Dancing With the Stars: Live! It's a dance show right?

However, football player Rashad Jennings was eventually crowned the big victor of season 24 and Nornani revealed backstage that she was "proud" of the athlete despite her disappointment. His passion bled through the praise-worthy tango whereas Ross threw down his identifier as a former Major League Baseball player in favor of showing his gentle nature through a heartfelt waltz. I'm so thankful for the show. While many are happy for his success, a lot of hate has been thrown at second place finisher Ross for beating out Kordei. In charisma, maybe, but not in talent on the dance floor.

Jennings said he and Ross had both thought early on that it would be all women in the finale, and were stunned to be the last two stars left standing. "But I hope after everything settles down that maybe she'll rethink about it, and I'll have the opportunity to ask".

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For Kordei to come in third behind Ross though, who, from a dancer's standpoint, didn't have rhythm to save his life, is kind of a slap in the face.

Fifth Harmony fans were left outraged after it was revealed that Normani had come in third place during the show, with many flocking to social media to vent their anger. Julianne said it looked like the team had been practicing the routine for weeks even though they only had a day to prep. Scores of 10-10-10-10 from the judges for a total of 40.

Contestants got a $125,000 initial lump sum for signing onto the show and participating in the first two episodes.

"America has spoken and that is why you are here tonight".

The question will remain unanswered.

The top 3 had to take on what is the 24 hour Fusion Challenge. They have emerged victorious by winning the maximum votes from the audience. It may be a school function for the kids, date night with the significant other or a late night at work.

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