dglobalnews.com Jared Kushner identified as 'person of interest' in Trump-Russia probe
Published: Tue, May 23, 2017
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Jared Kushner identified as 'person of interest' in Trump-Russia probe

After Comey's ouster, several reports emerged about Trump discussing firing of FBI Director with senior Russian officials in the Oval Office and saying "I just fired the head of the FBI, he was insane, a real nut job".

Both refused to comply, according to the Post's sources.

In the remarks, Rosenstein said he learned a day before Comey's firing that Trump wanted to dismiss him.

A former Trump campaign aide is requesting that President Donald Trump set up a legal fund to help associates ensnared in the federal probe into Trump campaign contacts with Russian Federation.

The White House declined to comment on the details of Trump's contacts with Rogers and Coats, which were first reported by The Washington Post.

A White House spokesperson said in a statement, "The White House does not confirm or deny unsubstantiated claims based on illegal leaks from anonymous individuals".

"The President has always emphasized the importance of making deals with Russian Federation as it relates to Syria, Ukraine, defeating ISIS and other key issues for the benefit and safety of the American people", the statement said.

Officials say Trump has remained resolute in defending Flynn even though aides, including White House Counsel Don McGahn, have reminded Trump of the Russian Federation investigation and other problems.

In addition to mounting legal fees, the former campaign staff member also expressed concern about how his job prospects may be affected by the Russian Federation investigation. J. Brien Comey said, adding tongue-in-cheek: "Incidentally, I told him I thought he and Trump would testify side by side in front of these congressional committees".

But he didn't vote for Hillary Clinton either.

"From his time at DIA onward, I've heard really scary stuff", said Matthew Waxman, a top George W. Bush administration official now at Columbia Law School. The report said Moscow eventually developed a preference for Trump.

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Trump has since stated that Comey's investigation into his campaigns ties to Russian Federation, which he claims was unwarranted, was also a factor.

"I think what the president was trying to convey to the Russians was, look, I'm not going to be distracted by all these issues that are here at home, that affect us domestically, I'm not going to let that distract from our efforts to see if we can engage with you, engage with Russia and identify areas where we might be able to work together", Tillerson said.

Investigators are reportedly interested in people who had influence in the Trump campaign and the administration but are now absent, such as former national security adviser Michael Flynn and Trump's former campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

Congressional investigators have requested copies of Comey's memos and testimony from the former Federal Bureau of Investigation chief himself.

Does this rise to the level of criminal obstruction of justice? In that case, Comey would be a witness and Mueller will likely interview him as part of the probe.

So the Department of Justice authorized Comey to say this.

"There's no way in the world Mueller wants his witness testifying", the source said. Rubio asked. "There's no doubt that that's the questions that are going to get asked, and asked repeatedly".

Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., the top Democrat on the House Oversight Committee, said maybe Congress' role will have to change from finding out what happened to finding a way to make sure Russian meddling does not happen again.

That, say intelligence officials, kicked off a series of attempts by Trump to have Coats and Rogers step forward to publicly undercut the investigation.

The Senate Armed Services Committee scheduled a hearing with Coats, and the House Armed Services Committee has one with Rogers.

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