dglobalnews.com Microsoft points finger at government agencies over randomware cyber-attacks
Published: Thu, May 18, 2017
Medical | By Benjamin Edwards

Microsoft points finger at government agencies over randomware cyber-attacks

Microsoft points finger at government agencies over randomware cyber-attacks

Deutsche Bahn says that departure and arrival display screens at its stations were hit Friday night by the attack.

The attack on the National Health Service seemed perhaps the most audacious of the attacks, because it had life-or-death implications for hospitals and ambulance services. "At this stage, we do not have any evidence that patient data has been accessed". Computer courses are among the most popular in the country, although many graduates are working overseas. Doctors' practices and pharmacies reported similar problems.

"Hopefully people are learning how important it is to apply these patches", said Darien Huss, a senior security research engineer for cybersecurity firm Proofpoint, who helped stem the reach of the weekend attack.

Problems with cyber security in NHS organisations were highlighted a year ago by Dame Fiona Caldicott, the national data guardian, who warned that issues were given insufficient priority and that health bodies persisted in using obsolete computer systems, The Times said. It demands users pay Dollars 300 worth of cryptocurrency Bitcoin to retrieve their files, though it warns that the payment will be raised after a certain amount of time.

The virus exploits a flaw in a version of Microsoft Windows first identified by United States intelligence.

Experts said India is vulnerable as a large number of computers in the country run The Microsoft's older operating systems like XP, and have not been updated yet.

Since it emerged last Friday (12 May) and ripped through Russian Federation, south-east Asia and most of Europe, major bodies such as the NHS, Renault, Telefónica and MegaFon have been battling to stay up and running. It spreads laterally between the computers on the same LAN by using a vulnerability in implementation of server message block (SMB) Windows system and also through malicious email attachments. It initially said 16 NHS organizations had reported being hit, and more reports came in as the day went on.

Not to mention the fact that those responsible were able to borrow weaponized software code apparently created by the U.S. National Security Agency to launch the attack in the first place. Even before Friday's attack, all those who updated systems were largely protected from it.

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Account addresses hard-coded into the malicious WannaCry virus appear to show the attackers had received just under $32,500 in anonymous bitcoin currency as of (1100 GMT) 7 a.m. EDT on Sunday, but that amount could rise as more victims rush to pay ransoms of $300 or more. In Spain, major companies including telecommunications firm Telefonica have been infected.

Patrick Ward, 47, a sales director at Purbeck Ice Cream, from Dorset in England, poses for photographs after giving media interviews after his heart operation scheduled today was cancelled because of a cyberattack, outside St Bartholomew's Hospital in London, Friday, May 12, 2017.

"Those tools have been used by the hackers group, who are now demanding ransom to release the system they had hacked", he said. "It's stressful enough for someone going through recovery or treatment for cancer".

The attack, already believed to be the biggest online extortion scheme ever recorded, is an "escalating threat" after hitting 200,000 victims across the world since Friday, according to Rob Wainwright, the head of Europol, Europe's policing agency.

British government officials and intelligence chiefs have repeatedly highlighted the threat to critical infrastructure and the economy from cyberattacks.

Both said they were concerned the authors of the malware could re-release it without a kill switch or with a better one, or that copycats could mimic the attack.

Britain's National Health Service is a source of pride for many Britons but faces substantial budget issues and has had previous problems with its huge IT system. He added that ransomware attacks were normally criminal rather than political in nature. In 2016, Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in California said it had paid a $17,000 ransom to regain control of its computers from hackers. Authorities have been warning businesses to ensure that their systems are updated.

"WannaCry" is infecting computers running the older versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems, locking access to files on the computer.

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