dglobalnews.com Democrats see a winning issue in opposing GOP health bill
Published: Tue, May 16, 2017
Global Media | By Cecelia Webb

Democrats see a winning issue in opposing GOP health bill

Democrats see a winning issue in opposing GOP health bill

"It will kick 24 million Americans off their insurance coverage", Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Maryland) said.

Collins, who ranks among the most moderate of Republican senators, and Senator Bill Cassidy of Louisiana said one of their top goals is to ensure that people with pre-existing medical conditions continue to have the same or better coverage. Under the House legislation, an additional $8 billion over five years will be allocated for these state-run insurance pools.

While President Trump and House Republicans celebrated passage of their measure Thursday with a White House Rose Garden event, concerns were already mounting about dying momentum as the more deliberate Senate tries to craft its own ObamaCare replacement plan. The Society's position is based on the belief that affordable, high-quality health care should be available to all Vermonters and all Americans.

Mick Mulvaney, Mr Trump's budget director, also said the version that gets to the president would probably differ from the House measure. Such a scenario would force the House and Senate to work together to forge a compromise bill.

"This process will not be quick or simple or easy, but it must be done", he said.

Former President Barack Obama speaks after being presented with the 2017 Profile in Courage award during ceremonies at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum Sunday, May 7, 2017, in Boston.

"I think the consequences of failure would be catastrophic".

The health care bill narrowly approved by Republicans Thursday in the House is a disaster, not only for California but also for all 50 states. The just-passed American Health Care Act's 5-1 ratio is a lot closer to the cost differences in covering America's youngest and oldest adults.

In the House, 217 Republicans voted yes.

The ad will appear on national cable and in Ryan's Wisconsin district. Susan Collins of ME, says the Senate will not take up the House bill and will instead start from scratch.

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Ryan spoke with ABC's George Stephanopoulos about the health care legislation passed this week by the House and now before the Senate overhauling major aspects of Obamacare.

But he's defending the House version anyway. "So much discretion is given to the states without any guardrails", she said.

Republican Sen. Susan Collins of ME, however, says she's not so certain the House plan would protect people from higher costs. That bill was covered by insurance because she is under 26 years old and still on her parents plan, a provision of Obamacare. The House Freedom Caucus might refuse to back a modified Senate version, returning the debate to the status quo ante. Senate Republicans are less apt to incur Democrats' wrath with a rash, harsh bill than to make small, positive changes and tell GOP voters they did their best under the circumstances.

Shelby Jehlen, of New Port Richey, Florida, was diagnosed six years ago with leukaemia and says she wouldn't be able to afford insurance if she lost her roughly $400 a month subsidy.

"Even if all the Upton amendment funds went to a high-risk pool, the remaining funding gap could leave many Americans with pre-existing conditions stranded without affordable options for insurance".

She spoke on ABC's "This Week".

Senator Roy Blunt of Missouri, who's part of the Republican leadership team, said on NBC's "Meet the Press" that the goal for the Senate should be a bill that brings people into the health-care system who aren't now in it, "to give people more choices, to create more competition".

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office found that the rollback of states' Medicaid expansions under the earlier version of American Health Care Act would reduce the federal deficit over the next decade by $337 billion.

Cutting almost $1 trillion from Medicaid will give states the freedom to tailor the program to suit their needs, Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price said Sunday, as he defended a narrowly passed House bill that aims to undo parts of the health care law enacted by the previous administration. He says changes would get people the care and coverage that they need.

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