dglobalnews.com Tesla starts selling solar roof; says savings to cover costs
Published: Sat, May 13, 2017
Markets | By Armando Jensen

Tesla starts selling solar roof; says savings to cover costs

Tesla starts selling solar roof; says savings to cover costs

Nevertheless, Tesla is now taking pre-orders for its solar roof tiles.

The calculator uses information like the size of the roof, the average local price of electricity, and how much sunlight a neighborhood receives during a year to calculate the price.

The Solar Roof is a component of Tesla's plan to "accelerate the world's transition to a sustainable energy future" the company said on its Web site. "Solar roof can be ordered for nearly any country", Musk said, and though he didn't delve too far into specifics, he did confirm that solar roofs will be available to those in Australia and the United Kingdom in replies to other users.

The roof tiles are due to be made on a pilot basis at Tesla's factory in Fremont, Calif., starting next month, and production is expected to ramp up in the months ahead at a new Tesla facility in Buffalo, N.Y. Musk claims that the solar roof tiles will fit on existing roofs and won't cost any more than fitting a new regular roof.

According to Consumer Reports, Tesla's solar tiles are competitive with a typical asphalt roof. Buildings that anticiapate using more electricity over the course of the day can customize their roof tiles to include more solar tiles for heavier demand or fewer solar tiles for light demand.

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The system will feature solar-collecting tiles, not panels. "I think the aesthetics are really that good".

We still don't know the exact price for the solar roof, which was originally announced in October 2016; we'll update this article when the pre-orders go live later today.

In a video on Tesla's website, Musk said global warming is a "serious crisis" and his efforts are a big to improve the situation.

"It will be very hard and it will take awhile", Musk said of the path ahead. As the upfront cost may be rolled into existing mortgages, Musk argues that homeowners will see the net value of their homes increase, and reap thousands of dollars in savings over the long run (30 years in their calculations).

Tesla describes the Solar Roof as the most affordable roof one can buy, all things considered. It's' For this reason, Tesla will also sell more conventional solar panels in response to a request to add a solar power source without causing too much work.

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