dglobalnews.com Are there really more sharks prowling local beaches?
Published: Sat, May 13, 2017
Global Media | By Cecelia Webb

Are there really more sharks prowling local beaches?

Are there really more sharks prowling local beaches?

The advisory is set to remain in effect through Friday and beaches will remain open, OC Lifeguards wrote on Facebook.

Orange County Lifeguards Chief Jason Young told the Register there were two reports of sharks in the area. In the viral California video footage, which can be watched at the top of this article, you can see some of the great white sharks swimming next to the paddle-boarders.

A woman, 33, was attacked by a shark as she swam in the Pacific Ocean near San Onofre State Beach.

They sure are. Researchers have found that juvenile sharks like Southern California's mild ocean temperatures, especially between late spring and early fall.

Evans asked the crew, "What was the response of the people in the water?"

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Fire captain Cameron Abel, of the Marine Safety Unit in Long Beach, said that the sharks were around most of last summer. Lowe runs the shark lab at California State University, Long Beach. Younger sharks like munching on smaller fish, often hunting just outside of the surf break - although it's not unheard of for juveniles to venture into waist-deep waters. A shark advisory is issued when "there is a confirmed sighting of a non-aggressive shark".

"The shark activity was sighted by a surfer, who had a very close encounter with a shark", Camp Pendleton spokeswoman Lt. Abigail Peterson told the San Diego Union Tribune. "They've been protected in USA waters since 2005", Lowe explained.

"The reason why I think we're seeing more sharks is because we've protected them". "The other thing is, there's lots of food".

The population of great whites off Southern California is also higher in part because they have been protected by federal law for years and the region is a nursery for sharks, according to researchers. This increase has been mainly driven by protection from fishing pressure (juveniles end up as bycatch in fishing nets) beginning in 1999 in California, and the recovery of marine mammals whose numbers have been climbing since they gained USA protection in 1973, Lowe said.

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