dglobalnews.com South African court orders Zuma to provide reasons for firing Gordhan
Published: Sat, May 06, 2017
Markets | By Armando Jensen

South African court orders Zuma to provide reasons for firing Gordhan

South African court orders Zuma to provide reasons for firing Gordhan

However‚ Zuma's lawyers argued that the DA had already acknowledged this and‚ on that basis‚ was not entitled to any record of the decision.

A high court in South Africa has ordered President Jacob Zuma to explain why he fired his finance minister and deputy, leading to market losses worth millions.

The amateurish document held that Gordhan and Jonas were conspiring with global financiers to topple Zuma, providing no evidence for the assertion.

In answering affidavits, Zuma said the DA's application was an abuse of court processes, which was also misconceived and without any merit whatsoever.

The ruling party on Friday said that the ruling by Judge Bashier Vally in the Pretoria court was a clear case of judicial interference in matters of the executive.

Cope national spokesman Dennis Bloem said the party was very eager to see if Zuma was still going to give his original reason about a "fake intelligence report for his reckless" midnight reshuffle.

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The ruling African National Congress (ANC) has called on Zuma to appeal against the court ruling.

A legal review could potentially find Mr Zuma's reasoning for the reshuffle unlawful, which is what the DA wants.

The president's reshuffle prompted two ratings agencies to downgrade the country's investment status to junk, and the DA believes this shows his actions were irrational and harmful to ordinary South Africans.

Vally said Zuma must give "the record of all documents and electronic records...that relate to the making of the decisions".

Speaking at the World Economic Forum on Africa in Durban on Thursday, Zuma said his recent cabinet reshuffle was aimed at giving younger members of parliament a chance to contribute their expertise to government.

"Every exercise of public power must be subject to the principles of legality and rationality, especially the exercise of all of the President's powers, which includes decisions to appoint or dismiss ministers and deputy ministers", said Selfe.

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