dglobalnews.com Texas House Tentatively Approves Anti-Sanctuary City Bill
Published: Fri, April 28, 2017
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Texas House Tentatively Approves Anti-Sanctuary City Bill

The Texas House of Representatives passed a bill Thursday that places a statewide ban on sanctuary cities and allows state officials to jail police chiefs and sheriffs who refuse to cooperate with federal immigration authorities. The vote came after a motion by state Rep. Dennis Bonnen, R-Angleton, to suspend debate and fail all the remaining amendments, which numbered over 100.

Police and university officials said they were bracing for possible trouble whether Coulter comes to campus or not, citing intelligence and online chatter by groups threatening to instigate violence.

If the bill passes through the House tomorrow it will head to the Governor's desk. State lawmakers are passing a bill requiring that local law enforcement officials actively participate in the deportation process by holding suspected deportable immigrants on the demand of the federal government (note that the law doesn't apply if the detained person has proof of US citizenship). Supporters say the bill is about enforcing the rule of law and ensuring jails across the state all follow the same rules.

The Democrat is on a hunger strike in protest of a "sanctuary city" bill that the Texas House will debate on Wednesday.

The Texas House proposal originally allowed local law enforcement officers to inquire about federal immigration status only if someone is arrested.

"I wanted to sacrifice something for others who don't have a voice", Neave said, "and I feel a big responsibility to be that voice here and to fight tooth and nail to defeat this awful legislation". "I remember the constant fear my family lived with each day and the fear my parents experienced each day as their two little girls went to school, not knowing if there would be an immigration raid that day", she said.

Legal rulings could force Texas back under federal oversight
For Texas, the stockpiling losses carry the risk of a court punishing the state by demanding approval before changing voting laws. Judges have again found that Texas racially gerrymandered voting maps to weaken the growing electoral power of minorities.

After Schaefer introduced his amendment, multiple representatives attempted to keep the arrest-only provision in the bill and proposed 10 amendments to his amendment. Still, Democratic Rep. Mary Gonzalez of El Paso, on Texas' border with Mexico, wept openly as she recalled being sexually assaulted, saying the bill will empower criminals. House Republicans rejected the amendment, leading Anchia to defend his fellow Dallas rep. State Sen. Diego Bernal, D-San Antonio, said while he would love to kill the bill completely, he wants to at least protect children.

"Not everyone will agree with what I have to say", Neave said.

This amendment failed by a 55-89 vote.

"Many members on the floor came up and told me, 'We know this is wrong. but we're going to do it anyway".

The woman's mother initially reported her missing about 2 a.m. and called police about 4 a.m.to report cries from a shed behind Dunn's house, police said. Asking lawmakers to understand the context surrounding the Latino community's massive outcry against SB 4, he noted that that the voter ID law and redistricting bills passed in 2011 have been ruled not just discriminatory, but intentionally discriminatory, six times in federal court.

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