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Published: Fri, April 28, 2017
Tech | By Arthur Brown

Nintendo Switch sales reach 2.74m within 2 months

The first flagship game released for the console, "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild", has been so popular that more units of the game have been sold than the total number of actual consoles sold. Nintendo says that it expects to sell an additional 10 million Switch consoles in fiscal 2017.

Over the last 12 months, Nintendo has boosted its net profit by five times, earning around $4.4 billion in revenue. Nintendo sold 14.8 million Wii U games during the period, down 46 per cent compared to past year. The 10 million sales forecast for 2017 seems conservative - PS4 got there after just nine months - but Nintendo has struggled to meet the demand for Switch so far.

Over the next financial year, Nintendo expects to hit 10m Switch hardware sales, and 35m software sales. These are reconditioned straight from Nintendo so they're back with the usual full one-year Nintendo warranty. The Nintendo Switch, meanwhile, has sold 2.74 million units already, which Nintendo states is "a promising start". Wardell did add that Nintendo is one of those systems that doesn't need good third party support to be successful, however- but it looks like his comments went down poorly with some fans regardless. "Your new Nintendo God is the Switch!".

In a related note, Nintendo's first AAA mobile game title, Super Mario Run, is about the cross the 150 million download threshold as well.

Making video game consoles has always been a losing venture, but one that made up for hardware manufacturing losses on. Hardware limitations haven't stopped them in the past, I'm sure if anyone can design around them for VR then Nintendo can. The scale of the Switch's success in March surprised the market, analysts said, given that the launch missed the year-end holiday season, Nintendo's biggest profit-generating period. The previous game, for Wii U, had just shy of 5 million units sold by the end of 2016. Remember Meme Run? If you don't, good, but it's the ideal example of just how easy it was for anyone with a devkit (which wasn't hard to obtain) to get their game out to the Nintendo userbase.

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Like other console makers, Nintendo is having to counter the rise of the smartphone as a tool for gaming.

The Switch also has a strong lineup of games for the rest of the year, which could easily keep the console selling strongly. Currently, many investors are wondering whether Nintendo Switch will outpace the sales for the Wii on a long term.

This all compares to the Wii U, which saw massive declines across the board.

Do you think that upcoming games will determine hardcore gamers to purchase the new console from Nintendo?

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