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Published: Fri, April 28, 2017
Research | By Kayla Price

Here's How Project Scorpio Games Look in 4K vs 1080p

One featured a scientist in a steampunk laboratory to illustrate the upgrades in overall detail and texture quality that Scorpio can deliver.

The differences between some of the following images will be a bit hard to discern if you're viewing them from a conventional HD display but we assume that they will be distinctly noticeable when the Scorpio goes into action on the consumer market among gamers running the console through their native HDR 4K TVs or running older games on the device to their 1080p TVs. While the difference isn't quite as dramatic, it looks like you'll still enjoy better overall clarity even if you don't upgrade to a 4K TV for Scorpio.

You'll need to visit Windows Central to get that comparison, but in the image attached you can check differences between Xbox One 1080p, Scorpio 1080p with supersampling from 4K resolution and native 4K resolution.

Reports of a new Xbox One bug have been emerging over on the Xbox One Reddit forum, but luckily there's a number of possible fixes. How will a non-patched game look on a 4K display running on Project Scorpio?

According to Express, the Xbox Scorpio's games list could be a bit short of unbelievable and revolutionary once it officially releases, following confirmation that there will be no new triple-A Halo games launching for Xbox One this year.

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Running at 1080p on an Xbox One.

In terms of the pricing, there have also been talks that the Xbox Scorpio could potentially launch with a much higher price tag.

It's worth noting again that viewing these images on a normal 1080p display as the still shots they are won't really demonstrate the powerful effect on graphics that the Project Scorpio is capable of. Microsoft is expected to reveal the price point of Xbox Project Scorpio at the E3 2017 gaming expo, ONMSFT reported.

However, while the Project Scorpio is being positioned as a premium and enthusiast console, getting it for its power might not be enough to give it a huge leverage against Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro console or even the older standard PlayStation 4. It is for this reason he also mentions third-party titles, promising that they will play best on the new console.

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