dglobalnews.com French presidential hopeful Marine Le Pen temporarily stepping down as party leader
Published: Fri, April 28, 2017
Global Media | By Cecelia Webb

French presidential hopeful Marine Le Pen temporarily stepping down as party leader

French presidential hopeful Marine Le Pen temporarily stepping down as party leader

France's divided political mainstream, rejected by an angry electorate, united Monday to urge voters to back newcomer Emmanuel Macron and reject Marine Le Pen's far-right agenda.

Marine Le Pen is the daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen, who co-founded the National Front party and was its leader from 1972 until 2011.

"The answer to what is happening to you is not ending globalization and closing the borders, do not be mistaken, those who are telling you that are lying", Macron said as quoted by the outlet referring to Le Pen's election promises regarding stricter border controls.

While Macron is the overwhelming favourite to become French president on May 7th, should Le Pen pull off an unlikely victory Swiss politicians would be left reeling.

Soon after the results of the first round, Le Pen visited Paris' main wholesale food market and gave a TV interview, in which she accused Macron of lacking love for his own country and representing "runway globalisation".

"Macron goes into the second round on a carpet of rose petals with nearly total support from the French mainstream media, elites, trade union organizations, entrepreneurs", she said in an interview on the TV channel France 2. "I did not think he would have a chance".

Le Pen has argued that the new battle line is drawn between "globalists and patriots". "I am the only one who can guarantee the French's protection", she added.

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Le Pen has worked to bring in voters from the left and right for several years, cleaning up her party's racist, anti-Semitic image to do so.

Le Pen said a president must be above partisan considerations. "The people will reserve a major surprise for the oligarchy", she said.

Le Pen upstaged her centrist rival earlier by turning up to speak to the workers as he met their union representatives a few miles away, BBC reported.

With 97 per cent of polling stations declared, Ms Le Pen has secured 21.4 per cent of the vote and Mr Macron, 23.9 per cent.

Macron said in a speech to his supporters that France was going through a unique moment in its history and said that if elected he would govern on behalf of all French patriots.

Germany's Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel welcomed Macron's win, and voiced confidence that he would succeed his former party leader, Francois Hollande, as the next president of France, saying that he had the "strongest showing of all candidates".

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