dglobalnews.com Rumor: Nintendo Working on an SNES Classic Edition
Published: Thu, April 20, 2017
Research | By Kayla Price

Rumor: Nintendo Working on an SNES Classic Edition

Rumor: Nintendo Working on an SNES Classic Edition

Functionally, it makes sense that Nintendo would use whatever production facitlities had been producing NES Minis to start up production of the SNES Mini instead. Development on this mini console has already begun, and Nintendo is gearing up for a holiday release.

A new rumbling is happening on the web and it's about another retro console making a comeback.

Eurogamer's sources, however, said Nintendo also discontinued the NES Classic Edition to make room in manufacturing for the SNES version.

Like its predecessor, the SNES iteration is expected to utilize the same plug-and-play setup, with a selection of popular titles from yesteryear coming pre-loaded on the box. This tiny device offering 30 classic games updated to support the HD TVs we all now own proved to be extremely popular.

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Nintendo hasn't commented on the rumours themselves, but many fans will live in hope of another wave of console nostalgia later this year. Assume you would've loved it if you actually got your hands on one? The SNES had one of the most rich libraries of any console in history. If Eurogamer's miniature SNES report is accurate, of course, it torpedoes that theory: why cancel one potential conflict of interest only to introduce another? However, despite its enormous popularity, Nintendo confirmed that the system would be discontinued earlier this month. But Super Mario World, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Donkey Kong Country were arguably far better games.

The NES Classic has been very hard to find in stores and online since its reemergence in November previous year. It is now scheduled for a launch ahead of Christmas later this year.

The NES Classic Edition is an adorably small console - so small it fits in your palm. The Switch was the fastest-selling console out of the gate in Nintendo history, and in the first six weeks it sold 2.4 million units. That means the system will probably have several games - such as Super Mario Kart, Earthbound, and others - built in, wired controllers, and the ability to be easily used on TVs.

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