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Published: Thu, April 20, 2017
Tech | By Arthur Brown

Instagram now has partial offline support on Android

Instagram now has partial offline support on Android

Announced at the Facebook F8 developer conference, Instagram said the mode works by downloading content over a data connection when you're online and "storing" these posts so they're available when the app is offline.

Screenshots from Android Police show the app providing messages saying you're offline and the actions will be "updated when you're connected".

Now Instagram users can post even without internet connection.

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This year, Twitter debuted Twitter Lite, a mobile web app created to minimize data usage and load quickly on slower connections. The Facebook-owned photo-sharing app said it had built support for using most of its features without Internet access. Or you know, maybe you'll go camping one day and need to get in some fresh, fresh likes. 80 percent of the community is outside of the United States, and as our platform grows, Instagram must perform across an increasing variety of devices and networks to keep people connected.

Of course, using this mode will only work to an extent, as users will only be able to see what has already been downloaded, meaning fresh content will be missing completely. They can also leave comments, save and like posts, and unfollow others. The profiles you viewed before will also be visible when you're offline, as well as old versions of the Explore tab or your own profile. Instagram could have drawn inspiration from Facebook lite that had around 200 million users after a year of rolling out. With the added offline functionality, Instagram is providing a service that Snapchat has so far not only blatantly ignored, but it probably doesn't deem worthy of its attention, especially after Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegal's alleged comments that Snapchat is not for poor countries like Spain and India.

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