dglobalnews.com PTR 2.0 Update Brings Genji & Hanamura to the Nexus
Published: Wed, April 19, 2017
Tech | By Arthur Brown

PTR 2.0 Update Brings Genji & Hanamura to the Nexus

PTR 2.0 Update Brings Genji & Hanamura to the Nexus

The latest update for Heroes of the Storm 2.0's open beta has now gone live, and Genji is preparing to make his mark.

Blizzard is reportedly planning on allowing one special Overwatch character to jump to the Heroe's of the Storm 2.0.

Both Genji and the Hanamura map are available to test on the beta server, so if you're itching to get your hands on the new hero and test out the Heroes of the Storm version of Hanamura you can do so there. After Heroes of the Storm players got to own Genji items such as Oni Genji skin, Oni Genji Portrait and Oni Genji Spray during the Nexus Challenge event, gamers are now able to fully control the real Genji at "Heroes of the Storm 2.0".

Several heroes will also be tweaked including big changes to Uther.

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According to Polygon, Genji isn't the first Overwatch character to come to Heroes of the Storm, however.

Heroes of the Storm's version of Genji closely resembles how he plays in Overwatch. In addition, the game's in-game shop is set to be remodeled, adding the ability to purchase the aforementioned Loot Chests. Each of the Shurikens deals 65 damage to the first enemy.

X-Strike helps perform 2 slashes and deals 135 damage to the enemies. Stores up to three charges. The slashes will then detonate, causing 270 damage to those caught in the blast. Shuriken cooldown adds up all the charges again at the same time.

Hanamura offers a new payload dynamic to Heroes of the Storm. Any damage blocked during this period causes Genji to throw a Kunai toward the nearest enemy, prioritizing Heroes and dealing damage. Enemy Heroes that die within two seconds of being hit with Swift Strike cause the cooldown and mana cost to be refunded. While active, Dragonblade can be reactivated to lunge forward and slash in a huge arc, dealing 240 damage.

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