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Published: Sun, April 16, 2017
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BHCS Celebrating 70th Anniversary of Jackie Robinson's MLB Debut

It's been 70 years since Jackie Robinson's first game in the Major Leagues. Robinson opened the door for other African Americans to play Major League Baseball and was a key civil rights advocate off the diamond.

And when you see players and coaches of every skin color, ethnicity and nationality wearing that 42 on their jersey on April 15, remember the legacy of the late great Jackie Robinson, forever enshrined in Cooperstown and the hearts of millions.

Sharon Robinson, Jackie's daughter, said she expects about 200 friends and family members - including her 94-year-old mother, Rachel - to attend the unveiling and ceremony on baseball's annual Jackie Robinson Day.

Along with sporting No. 42, some players will also don special pieces of memorabilia during the day's games.

A second-year player who is not yet in his mid-20s, Anderson went with some World War II-era clothes - the suspenders are a particular delight of this ensemble - to wear before switching into his No. 42 uniform for the White Sox-Twins game tonight.

Get a look at the T-shirts, packaging, and Nike's statement for Jackie Robinson Day below.

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Brilliant but for half-an-hour it was hard , " Klopp said . "I thought a lot about it and no one understands it but that was my decision".

"They really wanted me to get the likeness and I assured them I'd be working very hard on that", he said. The first statue in Dodger Stadium history belongs to Jackie Robinson. Although, simultaneously, I had no trouble imagining a fleet-footed, determined Jackie Robinson stealing home in a cloud of dust. The first 40,000 fans will receive a smaller replica.

"It's not about looking back so much as it is feeling inspired", Sharon Robinson said. "My dad was a humble person and here he is 70 years later being recognized".

The legendary Jackie Robinson is getting a 10-foot tall bronze statue placed at Dodgers Stadium on Saturday (Apri 15).

In 2004, the Major League Baseball chose to honor Robinson's memory by celebrating Jackie Robinson Day.

Unlike other events or museums, which display Robinson's impact on sports and American culture, the BHCS is like a living, breathing exhibit. It's one of baseball's most beloved and important traditions.

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