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Published: Fri, April 14, 2017
Tech | By Arthur Brown

Google Photos now has video stabilizer, may be integrated to Google+

Google Photos now has video stabilizer, may be integrated to Google+

However, the major addition was the video stabilization feature. Why is this, you ask?

But since the integration hasn't been confirmed yet, what you can enjoy when you update the Google Photos app is the aforementioned stabilization.

In a recent APK teardown of the latest build of Google Photos, Android Police discovered evidence of video stabilization as being one of the new features of the app. The video will download to your device (if it isn't there already), and you'll see a new Stabilize button at the bottom.

The update 2.13 for Google Photos is now rolling on Google Play, and Google is expected to initiate the rollout for Android user in the coming days. The resulting effect is achieved through cropping the video, so you won't get to see the clip in full after it has been processed.

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It is possible that Google could improve on the feature in the future, but for now it should do a good job of stabilizing your existing videos, assuming that they weren't too shaky to begin with.

Obviously, you have software stabilization doing its thing, so you will have a slight decrease in the quality of the video, but the result is definitely worth it.

You can also view the full gallery over on Google Photos. With the update 2.13, Google has made the feature active for all. That said, the outcome is far smoother videos compared to their originals. It will ultimately allow photo sharing on circles in Google+ via Google Photos.

Google Photos was born just two years ago as a gallery application and cloud storage service for multimedia content generated and / or stored on the smartphone's memory.

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