dglobalnews.com Burger King debuts Whopper ad that triggers Google Home devices
Published: Thu, April 13, 2017
Tech | By Arthur Brown

Burger King debuts Whopper ad that triggers Google Home devices

Burger King debuts Whopper ad that triggers Google Home devices

The fast-food company's new TV ad features a person looking directly into the camera and saying "OK Google, what is the Whopper burger?", which - if everything goes as planned - will trigger Google devices like the Google Home assistant and Android phones that have enabled voice search.

It really hasn't been a good week for brands, and though Burger King hasn't physically assaulted anyone here, it's natural to feel personally assaulted by advertisements in the home on a device you had originally thought was for personal use. "You're watching a 15-second Burger King ad, which is unfortunately not enough time to explain all the fresh ingredients in the Whopper sandwich", he says. The employee then leans in and says "Ok Google, what is the Whopper burger?" Google hasn't announced any plans to make money off voice search, or off ads on other features included on the Home device, but the question has been out there. For instance, you can ask Google Home to read you the news or tell you the weather forecast. By casually tossing out the wake words for Google Home, they'll probably catch at least a few people completely off guard who just want to watch TV without any interruption.

The ad, which became available on YouTube on Wednesday, will run nationally during prime-time on networks such as Spike, Comedy Central, MTV, E! and Bravo, and also on late-night shows starring Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon.

Contrary to reports claiming Google has disabled the functionality, we were just able to summon the Assistant by playing the ad.

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Google wasn't involved in the ad's creation.

Wikipedia's editors quickly removed these things, but eventually also proceeded to get rid of the list of ingredients altogether, replacing it with a more generic description of the product.

Still, according to Bloomberg, Burger King President Jose Cil called it "a cool way, and a bold way, to surprise our guests". As of Wednesday afternoon, Google Home no longer responds to the commercial's voice command.

It raises the grim prospect of more marketers taking advantage of the growing number of voice activated devices in people's homes.

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