dglobalnews.com Louis CK excoriates Donald Trump in 'Late Show' appearance
Published: Fri, April 07, 2017
Tech | By Arthur Brown

Louis CK excoriates Donald Trump in 'Late Show' appearance

Louis CK excoriates Donald Trump in 'Late Show' appearance

During the election, Louis C.K. called Donald Trump an "insane bigot" and "Hitler".

Last year, Louis C.K. compared President Donald Trump to Hitler in an email to fans.

Although he now regrets sending the scathing letter, the comic says he doesn't take back what he said ("I regret saying it - it doesn't mean it's not true").

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"Don't you just want God to show up and say, "I was just kidding"?" he then asked.

"Now, I guess he's not as profound as I thought he was", he told Colbert. Colbert was referring to a quote in the Times, where POTUS argued that O'Reilly is "a good person" who "shouldn't have settled" because "I don't think Bill did anything wrong". I just wanted to add that in for no reason. Then, there's someone who lies once in a while, can't quite stay in the boundaries of truth, somebody who lies sometimes. That's somebody who just they just lie, they like it, he likes it. They lie a lot. "And then I said they were liars, '" the comedian said. He goes, 'Heh heh, it wasn't even true. "He's just a gross crook dirty rotten lying sack of shit".

Press PLAY on the clip above to watch Colbert's O'Reilly-centric monologue in full, then tell us if you agree with his sentiment regarding POTUS' remarks. In the eyes of Louis C.K., Donald Trump will still be "a lying sack of s-".

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