dglobalnews.com Voters Say No On St. Louis Stadium Vote, MLS Expansion Unlikely
Published: Thu, April 06, 2017
Sports | By Jeannette Edwards

Voters Say No On St. Louis Stadium Vote, MLS Expansion Unlikely

Voters Say No On St. Louis Stadium Vote, MLS Expansion Unlikely

For the second time in 16 months, plans for a splashy new downtown St. Louis stadium have fallen by the wayside.

City voters turned down Proposition 2 on Tuesday by a 53% to 47% vote.

Waiting for San Diego to vote on November 7 would push the decision toward the end of that timeline, though MLS spokesman Dan Courtemanche told the Union-Tribune on Tuesday that the league still plans on announcing its next two expansion teams by December 31. Proposition 2, an increase to the use tax paid by businesses by half a cent lost with 30,603 "no" votes to 27,363 "yes" votes.

St. Louis has two professional franchises, baseball's Cardinals and the NHL's Blues.

Public funding for an MLS stadium in St. Louis is dead.

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In a statement released after the vote, MLS said "For many years we have believed that St. Louis would be a tremendous market for a Major League Soccer team, but the lack of a positive stadium vote is clearly a significant setback for the city's expansion opportunity and a loss for the community".

"We have consistently and publicly supported taking our plan to a vote of the people, provided that the timing would meet Major League Soccer's requirements, which we do not control", Stone said. "This would have been an outstanding project for the future of St. Louis".

The development would include a stadium that an MLS team could possibly share with San Diego State.

TAMPA/ST. PETERSBURG. A poll by St. Pete Polls shows that 70 percent of registered city voters support a referendum to approve an ordinance giving the St. Petersburg city council the authority to negotiate a use agreement for the Rowdies for city-owned Al Lang Stadium on a long-term basis.

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