dglobalnews.com Senate begins debate on Gorsuch, headed for showdown
Published: Thu, April 06, 2017
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Senate begins debate on Gorsuch, headed for showdown

Senate begins debate on Gorsuch, headed for showdown

In his statement, King said he'll also support Democrats' planned filibuster of Gorsuch's nomination, saying it's "not unreasonable to require 60 votes in order to garner broader, more sustainable bipartisan support" for a lifetime appointment to the high court.

"I'm going to vote to change the rules because I'm not going to be part of a Senate where Democrats get their judges and Republicans can never get theirs", Graham said. In reality, of course, if that was their steady position, Republicans would have rapidly confirmed Merrick Garland when Obama appointed him. The Oregon Democratic senator is hoping to rally support for a filibuster of Gorsuch.

The US Senate will vote to decide on the Supreme Court post on Thursday, when Democrats will attempt to block the confirmation Gorsuch needs to take office. After you're done, use the form below to let us know how your call went and what else you might be planning to fight Trump's Supreme Court pick.

Still, at least some Democrats are sort of pretending that Gorsuch is such a special case that he is worth maximum opposition. Democrats can block ending debate - what's known as a filibuster - by mustering 41 votes against it, which they are expected to be able to do.

On the floor, Merkley has argued that Gorsuch is not a mainstream nominee and blasted Republicans for blocking consideration of President Barack Obama's nominee of Merrick Garland a year ago.

"Now that we're entering into an era where a simple majority decides all judicial nominations, we will see more and more nominees from the extremes of both left and right". But they can permanently change Senate rules by simple majority vote.

Does that mean McConnell will exercise the nuclear option and eliminate the filibuster so that Neil Gorsuch doesn't need 60 votes for confirmation to the Supreme Court?

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Democrats claim the Republicans' treatment of Garland was worse than anything they ever did or are doing, and with Trump in the White House they are under intense pressure from liberal voters to oppose the president on every front.

"Senator McConnell would have the world believe that his hands are tied", U.S. Senator, Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said. According to the New York Times, Democrats have enough votes to impose a filibuster, a procedural tactic used to delay and derail voting on a policy nomination.

But McConnell said there is no appetite for that and that it will not happen under his leadership.

"I encourage all of my colleagues to give him fair consideration and to advance his nomination to an up-or-down vote", he said Monday night.

Gorsuch's confirmation would also serve as vindication for McConnell's strategy of refusing to fill Scalia's seat a year ago, instead leaving it open for the next president, even though few imagined then that that person would be Trump.

Republicans are now citing that rule change as a precedent for their potential use of it later this week.

McConnell downplayed the significance of that change, even as other members of his caucus have said it would damage the Senate and lead to a more ideological, partisan Supreme Court.

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