dglobalnews.com Mama June's 'Emotional and Physical' Struggle Following Weight Loss Surgery
Published: Thu, April 06, 2017
Sports | By Jeannette Edwards

Mama June's 'Emotional and Physical' Struggle Following Weight Loss Surgery

Mama June's 'Emotional and Physical' Struggle Following Weight Loss Surgery

Mama June Shannon lost a whopping 300 pounds while filming the reality TV series From Not to Hot. The two young sisters have been encouraging June by throwing out the cupcakes in the house as well as helping June with her trainer Kenya Crooks. After starting at 460 pounds, the Georgia mother slimmed down into the middle 100s, she told Entertainment Tonight Online Tuesday. She spent more than $75,000 on all three surgeries.

Alana Thompson proclaimed, "She looks like Marilyn Monroe!" adding, "I never thought mama would look that good". That is, until that Honey Boo Boo girl throws a fit and is like, "I WANT 20 STEAKS FOR DINNER!" and Mama June gives in and helps her eat half of them.

Mama June admitted that she does miss snacking from time to time, but the benefits of healthy eating are worth it. "I can promise you I'm never going back to that size". Unfortunately, she says she hasn't been able to exercise as much as she wants to due to her back-to-back surgeries, as well as her busy schedule.

"I have a new mom", Alana said.

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She recently debuted her trimmer figure on an episode of her new reality show, and has since been seen photographed for the first time since shedding the weight. Some of the portion size choice is involuntary, because she said her surgery mandates she eat less. "People who haven't seen me in a couple of years are going to be shocked", she says.

June said Sugar Bear, who married his girlfriend of a year, Jennifer, in January, is not in their daughter Alana's life and she hasn't heard from him since her transformation was revealed. "I've seen them lose and gain weight, but I don't want them to end up like I did at 460 pounds". She continues that the building has changed and looks better but for her, it still doesn't serve good memories.

June also said that her feud with Anna is all about money.

The season finale of "Mama June: From Not to Hot" airs Friday on WE tv.

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