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Published: Thu, April 06, 2017
Tech | By Arthur Brown

Israel Postpones Its Election Because Of… Britney Spears?!

Israel Postpones Its Election Because Of… Britney Spears?!

Britney Spears is massively popular.

It has been chose to carry out elections of its leader not on 3, but 4 of July.

There's a ton of shit going on in the world rn, but Israel proved it has its priorities in order by delaying its election because of a Britney concert!

Seems those Britney concerts are toxic for elections.

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As JerusalemOnline reports, the political party has opted to delay its leadership election by one day so that it wouldn't fall on the same day as Spears's concert in Tel Aviv on July 3.

Israeli journalist Tal Schneider broke the story about the Israeli Labor Party's decision, which was made in order to "make it easier" for party members to reach the polling stations. The party also apparently had difficulty recruiting security guards, presumably because all the security guards were either working for or attending Spears' concert.

According to the Times, the Labor Party primary election for party chairperson is hotly contested, with eight candidates vying for the seat. British Britney fans are eagerly awaiting the announcement of any United Kingdom dates.

If you're surprised-come on, folks, it's Britney's first non-U.S. tour since 2011.

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