dglobalnews.com Guess how many tickets were purchased for Shia LaBeouf's new film?
Published: Thu, April 06, 2017
Culture&Arts | By Orlando Mckenzie

Guess how many tickets were purchased for Shia LaBeouf's new film?

Guess how many tickets were purchased for Shia LaBeouf's new film?

The movie premiered at the Venice Film Festival in 2015, and went on to the Toronto Film Festival the same year.

According to Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst at ComScore, the poor opening could set a record.

Man Down was also simultaneously released on demand, ahead of its home-video berth in May, according to Variety.

Shia LaBeouf is no stranger in making freaky headlines, and he has seemingly experienced more ups and downs than many other Hollywood celebrities and high-profile experimental performance artists.

Montiel's latest offering has also received poor reviews from critics, now sitting at just 15% on Rotten Tomatoes. It also stars Gary Oldman, Kate Mara, and Jai Courtney.

"Man Down" tells the story of a veteran of the Afghanistan war who is trying to find his family in a post-apocalyptic America.

Trump walks out before signing executive orders
The second order will empower the Department of Homeland Security to help deal with trade and customs violations. For example: "Some of our trade deficit comes from the fact that we import a lot of oil".

Surely that's got to be a world record or something?

However, it's worthwhile to note that the film was only released at one location: Burnley's Reel Cinema - with an extremely limited screening, it probably wasn't expecting to rake in millions.

Emma Watson, Uma Thurman, Keanu Reeves, Halle Berry and Morgan Freeman all starred in movies which made less than £100 at the box office - in total.

And the Guardian reports that British "Harry Potter" star Emma Watson appeared in a movie called "The Colony" (aka Colonia) that attracted fewer than 10 patrons in its opening weekend in the United Kingdom last July while it debuted simultaneously on digital platforms.

Visitors were invited to deliver the words "He will not divide us" into a live-stream camera mounted on a wall outside the museum, with Shia himself leading the chant for long periods of time.

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