dglobalnews.com Yahoo And AOL Will Form New Company Called ... Oath
Published: Wed, April 05, 2017
Tech | By Arthur Brown

Yahoo And AOL Will Form New Company Called ... Oath

Yahoo And AOL Will Form New Company Called ... Oath

AOL CEO Tim Armstrong shared the news on Twitter after a published report disclosed the name of the new company late Monday afternoon. He didn't elaborate on the plan or explain the name.

Folks, the moment we've all been waiting for is finally official: Verizon is going to combine Yahoo and AOL into one conglomerate called "Oath". Wow!

"With a house of brands as diverse as ours, we wanted a name that was values led - one that honored our ultimate commitment of Building Brands People Love", the AOL statement said.

The telecom giant had confirmed the original $4.83 billion acquisition of the core assets of the suffering internet giant Yahoo back in July. Overall, 1.5 billion users may have been compromise leading Verizon to ask for a discount of up to $1 billion off the original purchase price. It will include stakes in Asian assets not sold to Verizon, plus short-term debt investments, cash and a patent portfolio.

As you can read from Tim Armstrong's tweet above, Oath is pushing to become an "unstoppable team" of media outlets and other brands.

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The creation of Oath does not necessarily mean that Verizon will eliminate the AOL and Yahoo brands, but it does mean that these companies will operate and report financial results separately from Verizon.

After completion of the sale, the remaining parts of Yahoo will be renamed Altaba.

However, other government investigations and third-party litigation related to the hacks will be shared by Verizon and Yahoo. Neither Yahoo nor AOL would comment to the tech site about Mayer's future.

Following the firm's recent hacking scandal Mayer lost her annual bonus, and in acknowledgment of the severity of the incident she volunteered to forgo an annual equity grant; with the money instead being redistributed among Yahoo employees. Oath. A free Recode t-shirt for anyone who tweets the best joke about that new brand to me in next 24 hours with the hashtag #MockTheOath.

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