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Published: Wed, April 05, 2017
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How Congress could kill Obamacare after all

"If we can provide one of the biggest middle class tax cuts in the history of this country, I think that's important", Priebus said.

House Republican Policy Committee Chairman Luke Messer of IN expressed similar thoughts, suggesting Congress could finish its work on health care before the reconciliation instructions expire IN May. The chairman of the House tax committee declared Monday he is "turning the page" from health care to tax reform....

Franklin Graham has blasted Republicans" failure to repeal Obamacare, saying it makes him "sick'.

Ryan and Trump both indicated after the showdown on the House floor that they wanted to move on to tax reform and leave Obamacare alone for the time being.

Foreshadowing some of language President Donald Trump is now using to describe Obamacare, Ryan said: "this law will collapse under its own weight, or it will be repealed".

But it's not as bad as the Republicans have been making it out to be.

House Republican leaders and the White House, under extreme pressure from conservative activists, have restarted negotiations on legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Act, with House leaders declaring that Democrats were celebrating the law's survival prematurely.

Despite the desire of House Republican leaders and the Freedom Caucus to continue pursuing some kind of healthcare reform down the road, the New York Republican reiterated Mr. Trump's desire to move on from the issue. But it's a victory Vice President Mike Pence vowed "won't last very long" as Republicans seek to sabotage the ACA and cast the blame on the Democrats.

Bill would let states block some Planned Parenthood money
In his quest to defund Planned Parenthood , Pence may have killed a whole swath of family planning services along with it. The measure rolls back a rule barring states from withholding funds from a clinic that also offers abortion services.

"It's going to be entirely up to them and what they can pass", he said. It is way past the time that we, as Americans, respect the lives of our seniors, children born with catastrophic diseases, the mentally ill, people with pre-existing illnesses, mothers and all others who are in need of health care but can not afford it. The president's first agenda was to "repeal and replace" Obamacare, and Ryan took the reins in Congress, ultimately spearheading the repeal effort.

"It is pretty obvious we were not able in the House to pass a replacement", he told reporters. "So we're going to figure out how we get this done".

In their letter, the Senate Democrats offered to "work together to improve the law and lower the cost of health care for all Americans" and said they were "ready and willing to work with you on policies that would improve the stability of the individual insurance market". "If we're going to get it done through reconciliation, it would be between now and May".

"Because we've all been promising - Democrat, Republican, we've all been promising that to the American people".

'Doesn't it just make you sick?,' the controversial Trump-supporter said.

The Affordable Care Act is not ideal.

The health care strategizing comes as the GOP has one clear bright spot: Trump's nomination of conservative appeals court Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

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