dglobalnews.com Hardy Boyz return to WWE in WrestleMania 33
Published: Tue, April 04, 2017
Sports | By Jeannette Edwards

Hardy Boyz return to WWE in WrestleMania 33

Hardy Boyz return to WWE in WrestleMania 33

Those fans were right on as The Hardy Boyz - Jeff and Matt Hardy - came out to the ring and made their big WWE return.

Matt and Jeff Hardy didn't just make a return to the WWE ring - they did so in signature spectacular fashion, with insane moves off big ladder heights, in a Fatal 4-Way that reminded old fans and educated new ones on why the Hardys are true WWE stars. They teased a comeback after ROH Supercard of Honor, referencing tag teams they want to take gold from.

Jeff went on to reference his incredible spot during the match where he jumped off the ladder, claiming: "I'm 39 years old and I can still jump off a 14-foot ladder, how cool is that?"

The brothers hadn't been seen in WWE since 2010, instead wrestling with TNA as The Broken Hardys, but Wrestlemania 33 saw their grand return to wrestling's biggest stage.

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Matt and Jeff Hardy were signed to the WWE, then the WWF, in 1998. While the two brothers were free agents after departing Impact Wrestling, few expected them to show up at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida.

There was even the site of Matt Hardy leading a giant "Delete" chant after the Hardy Boyz won the tag team championship.

The victory was also the The Hardy Boyz first victory as a team at Wrestlemania, and it was their first tag team match at Wrestlemania that didn't involve the Dudleyz. Matt followed one year later on the heels of his release.

As we previously stated, the other teams in the triple threat ladder match at WrestleMania 33 weren't expecting the Hardys.

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