dglobalnews.com Twitter Drops User Names from Counting Against 140 Character Limit
Published: Sun, April 02, 2017
Research | By Kayla Price

Twitter Drops User Names from Counting Against 140 Character Limit

Twitter Drops User Names from Counting Against 140 Character Limit

Early previous year, Dorsey hinted that Twitter would relax character limits in a tweet that was 1,177 characters over the limit.

Instead, the usernames will appear above the tweet text rather than within the tweet text itself thereby getting rid of the rather ugly-looking situation where a text chain reply is just full of names. Users can tap on "Replying to..." to see and control who's part of any specific conversation. In threads involving more than one person, you'll see a username followed by "and 1 other", "and 2 others", and so on.

Regarding this, it says in the blog, "The updates we're making today are based on feedback from all of you as well as research and experimentation".

The new update is meant to streamline the response experience on Twitter, but it might also create more confusion. You can find more details about how replies work in our help center. In this case, you could argue that the old constraints on replies served to discourage users from tagging others en masse, a practice that can be irksome because it clogs people's notifications and includes them in conversations without their consent.

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Fortunately, these changes were made after updates that allowed users to limit notifications. Dorsey explained at the time the character limit was originally because lots of tweets were sent via SMS but eventually became what Twitter is about.

Popular social networking website Twitter has reportedly confirmed that Twitter handles in replies will not be counted in the 140-character limit. This new feature from Twitter is gong to be a big advantage to those who loves to have twitter conversations.

As it faces increased competition from the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, Twitter will be hoping the move will encourage more users to post on the site. But earlier it was easy to remove the Twitter handles you didn't want in the reply in a very easy manner. In the last fiscal quarter, the company added just 2 million monthly users to end the year with 319 million, and in the USA, the monthly user number was flat. But now, Femi's username is removed from the limit.

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