dglobalnews.com Orange You Glad About Selena Gomez's '13 Reasons Why' Premiere Dress?
Published: Sun, April 02, 2017
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Orange You Glad About Selena Gomez's '13 Reasons Why' Premiere Dress?

Orange You Glad About Selena Gomez's '13 Reasons Why' Premiere Dress?

Season One of the new Netflix series 13 Reasons Why is finally here, and the cast hit the red carpet last night for the big premiere. But Langford's Hannah is also lonely and susceptible, and she gets pulled into exploitive situations more easily than you might expect.

Because of the impact these audio tapes are having on these teens, we see them slowly turn to missing school, lower grades, bullying each other, physical fights, symptoms of PTSD and anxiety, developing depression, drug and alcohol abuse, and even more suicidal ideation. The box of cassettes, per Hannah's instructions, are to be passed around to each of these people (all but one of them a fellow student) so that they can listen to them and truly understand her pain - and wallow in it as deeply as they like.

"A lot of YA books are predictable now", Minnette said in an interview with Mashable. The storytelling techniques on the show are wonderful.and 13 Reasons Why also has a pair of remarkable lead performances that do full justice to the ambiguities of the teen years... From Perth, Australia, Langford answered the worldwide casting call with a mailed-in tape (how very "Hannah" of her), which was followed by a Skype call with director Tom McCarthy, according to Yorkey. But Hannah's whole life changes when a misleading cell phone picture (she was just going down the slide, people!) makes its way around the school faster than you could say "Hannah baker is a slut". In the the aftermath of Hannah's death, teachers and parents are trying to help the kids cope. "Then when you go home, or [when I] go to my husband's home in the Midwest, you're like, 'This isn't really real.' That 'all of this about me" and, you know, this lifestyle isn't real".

"I love what I'm doing right now", she smiled. "She's very open about it".

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According to Teefey, Gomez's decision to go on a social media hiatus a year ago helped her to reassess her priorities and regain firm footing in reality.

"Yes, it's a piece of entertainment - I don't think it's a PSA at all - but I do hope it starts dialogue about issues we don't talk openly about", Langford said.

Actually, let me clarify: Tony (With the Good Hair) is much more than just Clay's friend, although that much isn't revealed until midway through the premiere. I think I was scared to take a moment for myself. I wish that I'd known I wasn't alone and that conversations about mental health are necessary parts of life, rather than things that should be swept under the rug.

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