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Published: Sat, April 01, 2017
Research | By Kayla Price

Use Google Maps app to play Ms. Pac-Man

Google, traditionally one of the more active companies on April Fools' Day, has unveiled a new "feature" in the popular Google Maps app. With that version though, you just played a game of Pac-Man inside of Google Maps, instead of turning your location into the game. It will then evaluate the map and redesign it into a level from the game. For example, search "do a barrel roll" and the screen will do a 360-degree turn, in honor of the classic Nintendo series Star Fox.

Warning: It's not the easiest game to play and it's also very addictive.

The search-engine giant offered a Pac-Man version of the game in 2015 to mark April Fools' Day.

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It's not your traditional "Ms. Pac-Man", though, as the mazes aren't symmetrical. All you have to to is swipe in any direction to begin playing, and you'll control Ms. Pac-Man by swiping different directions on the screen to go down nearby streets.

Check out the game, but don't blame us if you procrastinate at work.

Players are given five chances to eat up all the dots and fruit that appear on the map while avoiding the five enemy ghosts Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde. That will start up a game centered on whatever screen you're now looking at: you'll probably start by playing in your real neighborhood, but you can head anywhere in the world to give other roads a shot.

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