dglobalnews.com Ford recalls 440K vehicles for fire risk, door latch trouble
Published: Thu, March 30, 2017
Tech | By Arthur Brown

Ford recalls 440K vehicles for fire risk, door latch trouble

Ford recalls 440K vehicles for fire risk, door latch trouble

Ford (F) is recalling 440,000 vehicles in North America due to the risk of engine fires and door latches failing, leading to doors opening unexpectedly.

The first recall involves 210,000 vehicles in the US because the engines could pose the risk of an under-hood fire.

In the biggest of the recalls, Ford is calling back 230,000 2014 model year Escapes, 2014-15 Fiesta STs, 2013-14 Fusions and 2013-15 Transit Connects equipped with 1.6-liter GTDI engines. The issue is a lack of coolant circulation, which could lead to the cracking of the engine head, thus resulting in pressurized oil leak on hot surfaces. The company said it is aware of at least 29 reported engine fires in the USA and Canada.

When service kits are available, dealers will install a coolant level sensor with supporting hardware and software at no charge to the customer, Ford said. Customers can continue to drive their vehicles, but should see their dealer if their vehicle exhibits a coolant leak, overheating, or frequently needs coolant added.

The new door latch recall includes 211,000 2014 model year Ford Fiesta, 2013-14 Ford Fusion and 2013-14 Lincoln MKZ vehicles.

Ford's second recall expands on an earlier recall involving door latches. For that reason, you should be aware of Ford's latest recalls.

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In these vehicles, a component called a pawl spring tab has a chance of breaking. This can negatively affect the car's structural integrity, which can increase the chance of injury in a side-impact collision. Driving at speeds over 75 miles per hour can result in a resonance frequency that can facture the transmission along with driveline components.

There have not been any injuries or accidents as a result of the issue, the automaker stated.

No injuries have been reported in connection with the coolant issue.

Lastly, 84 brand-new 2017 Edge crossovers may not be completely welded across the top of their windshield headers.

Dealers will fix windshield headers at no cost to the customer.

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