dglobalnews.com Bungie teases a Destiny 2 trailer
Published: Thu, March 30, 2017
Tech | By Arthur Brown

Bungie teases a Destiny 2 trailer

Bungie teases a Destiny 2 trailer

It's previously been stated by Activision officials that the game is designed to increase the franchise's "global reach", and to build upon the foundations of what Destiny created. To that end, we won't be able to take power, possessions, and Eververse-related items and currency to the new game. The announcement was equally simple. According to Bungie, the full reset will have some positive impact, it will give Destiny players the opportunity to check which gaming platform suits their gaming style. Behind it, there is the numeral two, written in Helvetica.

The new teaser poster features the number "2" behind the word "Destiny"... and in the foreground, you can just about male out the smouldering remains of The Tower - Earth's final city and last hope in the fight against the Darkness.

This poster comes from an Italian retailer, so it is now believed that release date might correspond with an worldwide release date. Bungie released Xbox One and PlayStation 4 ports of the game in 2016. Neither Bungie nor publisher Activision has confirmed these particular details at the time of publication.

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The trailer was one of the first of Bungie's interpretation of "Destiny" without being overly serious. Instead, it will focus on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One primarily. However, fans were not kept waiting in vain with nothing to do all those years. The toy shown on Twitter appears to be a finished version of the Cayde-6 figure Bigshot Toyworks unveiled at New York Comic Con, part of a series that will be released " in waves " later this year.

Over the years, Bungie has been regularly updating those paid add-ons of the game. However, they may also be subjected to wait. Character designs (race, gender, and face) will all be kept for the second game, but any progression or loot will be lost - so you don't get to keep your Light Level or that sweet sword you found. After the official announcement, the teaser trailer comes in, though it does not show anything about the details of the game. Players have figured out that it was The Last City that was featured in the first game and at the same time saved by the massive hovering orb known as The Traveler. This is especially so since the character became all the more distinguished thanks to the launch of the Taken King expansion. It is not quite a massively multiplayer game, but not your classical shooter either.

There's also reportedly a new activity mode in the sequel called "play-in destinations", which will make planets way more populated, with quests, towns, and outposts that will be more interesting than the current Patrol missions. Some of the updates have radically changed the game by introducing new stories and new maps.

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