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Published: Wed, March 29, 2017
Tech | By Arthur Brown

Comcast to expand streaming service amid cord-cutting trend

Comcast to expand streaming service amid cord-cutting trend

The service, not-so-creatively-dubbed Stream TV, was launched in late 2015 in just a few markets (Boston and eastern Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine), providing existing Comcast broadband customers with a skinny, streaming TV service for $15 more each month. It is optimistic that the new service will change the viewing habits of its targeted audiences. The IPTV service will include a number of packages and target broadband subscribers who do not pay for a traditional cable or satellite television package. While not a nationwide OTT streaming service, Xfinity Instant TV will add an interesting dynamic to the growing competitive OTT streaming marketplace.

The report suggests the service will include major broadcast networks - as well as add-on channel packages for sports channels like ESPN and Spanish language channels such as Telemundo and Univision.

One detail that's going to set it apart from competitors like Sling TV and PlayStation Vue is that Xfinity Instant TV will only be offered to those who are already paying for the company's internet service.

Comcast, looking to build another TV on-ramp for subscribers, is rebranding its broadband-delivered "skinny bundle" service as Xfinity Instant TV and plans to roll out the service across its US footprint in the third quarter of 2017, sources confirmed to Variety.

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Xfinity Instant TV is anticipated to launch in Q3 2017. With this service, Comcast will reportedly be able to cater to homes using high-speed internet.

Comcast has previously signaled that its streaming TV product would evolve to do more than support a small pay TV bundle.

In the meantime, Comcast's stock was trading at$ 37.11 a fall of $0.27 or 0.72%. This video streaming service is priced at $15 per month in these states. The hope is that subscribers will eventually upgrade to Comcast's X1 platform. And if it's anything like Stream - which, by all means, it appears to be - it likely won't count against Comcast subscribers' internet data caps. However, Comcast says that the interpretation of the situation is wrong and its service in no way breaks any net neutrality laws.

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