dglobalnews.com Sen. Casey says he won't vote for Gorsuch
Published: Sun, March 26, 2017
National | By Glenda Ortiz

Sen. Casey says he won't vote for Gorsuch

Sen. Casey says he won't vote for Gorsuch

Some Democrats have threatened a filibuster, which would mean the judge would have to get 60 of the 100 votes to claim the seat.

Reed said he was not "reassured" by Gorsuch's answers during his hearings in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee this week.

"When you're given the kind of power that only nine people in our Republic have, I think it should be a much higher" threshold for confirmation than 50 votes, he said.

Chuck Schumer said Judge Neil Gorsuch favoured the "powerful over the weak" and failed to answer "question after question" in his confirmation hearing.

Unlike with other cabinet nominees, Democrats retain the ability to filibuster Supreme Court nominees.

"Because the truth is, if a nominee can't get 60 votes, you shouldn't change the rules, you should change the nominee".

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Murray released a statement on her vote decision on Facebook Friday morning, saying that the nomination of Gorsuch "isn't normal".

Another witness was Jeff Perkins, father of an autistic son who Gorsuch ruled against in 2008 in a special-education dispute using legal reasoning repudiated by the Supreme Court in a related case on Wednesday.

But on Thursday, Schumer made it clear that he, for one, is not McConnell's sucker.

But Murray said that she can't support Gorsuch because of his stance on reproductive rights, his "anti-worker record", and because she doesn't trust Trump. "Republicans have never filibustered a Democratic nominee". He introduced Gorsuch to the Judiciary Committee on Monday, but did not commit to supporting confirmation, promising an "open mind".

Noting that Schumer had announced he would attempt to block any nominee before Gorsuch was even nominated, a McConnell spokesperson pushed back.

That's when he said that Schumer has "poisoned" the Court. If they do, Republicans are threatening to employ the so-called "nuclear option", which would change Senate rules so that justices can be approved by a simple majority rather than 60 votes under current rules. Administrative Review Board, Gorsuch ruled in favor of a company that fired a trucker who left his haul after he had become stranded on the side of the road in freezing temperatures. Fischer asks. "I would hope we haven't come to that point".

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