dglobalnews.com What to watch for during Senate confirmation hearings on Neil Gorsuch
Published: Mon, March 20, 2017
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What to watch for during Senate confirmation hearings on Neil Gorsuch

When Neil Gorsuch appears before the judiciary committee for his confirmation hearing as nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court, Sen. Federal Election Commission in order to avoid a Senate filibuster of his confirmation vote. Judge Neil Gorsuch's confirmation hearing begins on March 20th and both sides of the political aisle are prepping for a battle that has been almost 14 months in the making.

"The high burden of proof that Judge Gorsuch has to meet is largely a result of the president who nominated him", Richard Blumenthal, a Democrat from CT who sits on the committee, said last week at an event featuring several plaintiffs who lost cases that came before Gorsuch. "He's come down on both sides - in some cases in favor of the non-citizens involved, and at other times against, depending on the issue".

For decades, the United States Supreme Court has been a beacon of hope for LGBTQ Americans. "The result has been a system that empowers the wealthy and well-connected, while drowning out the voices of everyday Americans". The ruling sparked a sharp increase in the amount of campaign money spent by outside groups not formally linked to candidates or political parties. Several years ago, another New York Times article noted that Justice Clarence Thomas, who has consistently voted against LGBT people in cases before the court, was very accepting of his openly gay clerk. Polls show 91 percent of those who supported President Donald Trump back this view, the letter said.

Gardner is a Republican who has been supportive of Gorsuch's nomination.

Another issue, set to be pressed by California Democrat Dianne Feinstein, is Gorsuch's role as a Justice Department lawyer under Bush from 2005 to 2006, when he helped defend controversial policies enacted after the September 11, 2001 attacks, including the administration's expansive use of aggressive interrogation techniques.

"Judge Gorsuch's intellect, energy and deep regard for the Constitution are well known to those of us who have worked with him and have seen first-hand his commitment to basic principles", Lyons wrote.

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The opinion suggests Judge Gorsuch's disposition "to resist overweening exercises of executive power", said Michael W. McConnell, a professor at Stanford Law School.

In crafting the majority opinion in the historic Obergefell marriage equality case, Justice Anthony Kennedy cited Loving v. Virginia, the 1967 civil rights case that struck down anti-miscegenation laws.

Allison Turbiville is in Billings fielding calls from reporters around the state, affirming support for Judge Gorsuch in the upcoming hearings in Washington. "It's a sentiment you hear expressed right across the political spectrum". Even some Democrats still furious over the GOP power play are quietly forecasting Gorsuch's eventual success. If asked about a specific case on LGBT cases, he's likely to say - as most judicial nominees do - that he will abide by the Supreme Court's decisions on those cases. Ultimately, the Supreme Court ruled in 2014 that corporations claiming religious objections couldn't be forced to provide birth control.

Democrat Bennet has not said whether he will support Gorsuch, who was nominated by President Donald Trump on January 31.

Republicans now want a completely different standard for themselves, arguing Democrats should neither scrutinize Gorsuch's record nor oppose his nomination. The trend toward politicizing the court is eroding its credibility for objectively upholding the law, the senator charged. Gorsuch reasoned that Maddin had been asked by TransAm not to leave his trailer but did anyway. He said millions of dollars in "dark money" from undisclosed sources is being spent on advertising efforts by groups backing the Supreme Court nominee.

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